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RRD Obsession 2011 7m

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RRD Obsession 2011 7m

Postby kjorn » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:07 am

Ok, this is a bit of an older kite to be reviewing in 2013, but I didn't find that many reviews for this kite. So this is for people getting one second hand or bargain basement style.

I found it to be quick turning, but powered through the turns. Good, easy jumps. It felt like a nice blend of old school waroo and 2012 epic screamer, that kinda high aspect fast kite.

It handles gusts well, not lurching or jumping around, rather a smoother acceleration that gives you time to sheet out and edge against.

The bar pressure is perfect, light but firm. It takes a good firm hand to turn, it's not twitchy, but once it turns it is very quick. Hmm, it's hard to describe, if you pull hard, it turns hard. If you are gentle, it turns slowly. The older waroos and C kites were just twitchy and mental. The Obsession is a tamer beast. Or a more refined gentleman.

Build quality is amazing. Each strut end has reflective material sewn into it which is a really nice touch. The rrd pattern is sewn into the canopy and looks neat. The bladder inflation point is encased in a rubbery plastic bit sewn to the leading edge which is cool. The one pump is neat and tidy and is better than the flexifoil ion 4 version (which is actually a really good system,) but the rrd one is more compact.

The bridle is small and has two pullies per side, the kook proof connectors are the opposite to my flexifoil bar which seems stupid. I hope the manufacturers sort out a standard for this.

Summary: good jumps, fast turning.

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