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2013 Cabrinha Xbow 18m first impressions

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2013 Cabrinha Xbow 18m first impressions

Postby shawn13 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:13 pm

2013 Cabrinha Xbow 18m First Impressions:

With news of Cabrinha eliminating the Xbow line (The 13m Xbow is my favorite) I went into panic mode and picked up the last 2013 Xbow 18m my shop had.

This kite intimidates me. We rented a 16m Xbow last year for a trip to Cuba and all I remember was the amount of pull it had and how hard it was on my lower back. I also remember dropping it and couldnt stop to relaunch as it just dragged me back to shore. Now ive just purchased a kite 2m larger.

Unpacking the 18m: Its big. Really big. Rolling it out, the sheet is just massive in length. Pumping takes some time.

The bar is long. Everything about this kite is intimidating because if something goes wrong you know youre f***ed!

Wind was 6-7kts. I got the kite in the air without issue. Smooth power, didnt jerk me around. I attempted on a twintip without success. Came back in and grabbed my Airush Sector. Instantly i started riding directly upwind. Kite has great pull. I pulled the depower strap about half way and began my session. Whereever I pointed the board, the kite took me.

A few guys were trying hard to just downwind on 14s with no success. There I was cruising around on the 18 and sector with ease.

Lightwind combo killer forsure!

Turning speed was decent for a kite that size. Very easy to control. Smooth transitions.

After I got used to the kite I wasnt as intimidated. However I wouldnt want to drop it!

Im very curious how the new Contra can compete with this kite.

Im happy with my purchase.


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