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2014 Rally 12 1st impressions

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2014 Rally 12 1st impressions

Postby deltadean » Sun Aug 04, 2013 6:49 pm

Have been kiting 7 years, Fuels, Crossbows, T1,2s, and 3s, 2011-12 Rallys 8-10-12-14. I weigh 170 kite mostly midwestern gusty frontal winds. 2x a year I ride in Padre, love learning to ride in small waves surf side.
The 12 was new. I laid my 2012 12m over the 14 12 and noticed there was an extra 3/4 meter of fabric on each wing tip. The conditions were 10-15, I Rode my old Spleen Session 141 which is my go to light wind board.
When drift launched the kite popped off the water. Even in 12-15 mph there was noticeably more low end. Sined the kite once and off I went. Slightly more bar pressure than the 2012 Rally, not any where near T3 11m. I had the kite set up on the fastest turning, lowest bar pressure setting. The kite turned slower than my 2012 12m. Probably closer to my 14 2012. It took more effort to turn it quickly. It Jumped similar to the 2012 Rally, and there was more float. . Steady but harder pull carving to toeside. The wind unexpectedly came up to 20-25. It felt like I was riding a 14. Even when parked overhead there was no flapping or fluttering.
The 2012s fly best for me when really lit. In lighter conditions I can ride but I need to sine the kite more often. 80% of the time I am free riding, I like more low end freeriding, the 2014 Rallys will work fine, but the quiver size will be different. I'm not sure about wave riding. I liked the 2012 turning speed and the on-off power, I could focus 100% on the waves. Any 2014 Rally wave riders?

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