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Unboxing & Testing the New North Kiteboarding Click Bar

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Unboxing & Testing the New North Kiteboarding Click Bar

Postby Toby » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:06 am

Unboxing & Testing the New North Kiteboarding Click Bar

From Jeremie Tronet

Since I ever started Kitesurfing over 16 years ago I have always been interested in all the innovation people or brand would bring to the sport to make it more accessible and user friendly.

We have now come a long way with great product coming out every year but the basics of using a kite, a bar or a board haven't changed much for the last 10 years until now.

I was extremely excited when North kiteboarding introduced their new game changer "Click Bar" which rethink totally how the rider de-power his kite by making it super easy and intuitive.

This video goes through what to expect to find when you receive your new Click Bar and a few of its main features as I take it out for a first test on the water.

This new bar design also allows for a lot of improvements beyond simply de-powering and powering the kite in a more efficient way, it allows allows for a cleaner design and safe flag our release system together with great features like auto front line untwist, etc ...

More info about the bar: ... click-bar/

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Re: Unboxing & Testing the New North Kiteboarding Click Bar

Postby Oldbaby » Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:23 pm

Are we able to change width of the bar like it was with old model?

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Re: Unboxing & Testing the New North Kiteboarding Click Bar

Postby salvino » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:27 am

How does the untwist feature work exactly?

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