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Postby Kykeon » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:16 pm

Since I've benefited many times from the body of knowledge in this forum, I always try to share if I have an exceptionally good or bad experience or I tested a controversial product.

I'm not affiliated in any way with or Zeeko and I always pay for my kiting equipment

The story:
I had decided to get into Hydrofoiling and had been reading and checking the market for quite some time. I had a few foils and boards shortlisted and knew what was a good price for them.

Then I came across a zeeko blue and white with Shinn El stubbo at a price that was almost too good to be true, although last year's model.
I did my online search about and it seemed OK to order so I went on.
The next day I received an email that they hesitated to execute the order because my billing and shipping address were in different countries (I wanted it sent directly to the vacation house)
We had a call, they were very reasonable and at the end I found another solution for the payment.

The big carton box arrived at the promised time. Everything was unopened (straight from the factories)
The packaging and the finishing of the product was top class (also the carry bag and the assembly tool are of high quality, a small tef gel tube is included)
Unfortunately I found a minor, non critical defect that I could live with, but in my opinion was not acceptable in a new product.
I immediately sent an email to the shop and the manufacturer.

After a few emails and pictures with Zeeko, they agreed to replace it.
They were very nice to allow me to use it during my vacation time and return it the last day. I thank them for that and I appreciate it a lot.
I had to pay myself for sending it back, but I understand it since I did not buy directly from Zeeko
During all this time the 24-7boardsports guys were next to me trying to help in any way they could, although as they told me (and I believe it) they sold this item with no profit just to renew their stock.
And now the "exceptional customer service" part:
After it was agreed that after my vacation I send the part back to Zeeko to send me a replacement, I received an email from 24-7boardsports telling me that they would like to offer me a credit card cash back equal to the shipping cost I had to pay!!!
WHAAAT?? HOW AMAZING IS THAT? and by "that" I do not mean the money but their gesture (after everything was finalized and without having any complaint from them) !

The story finally got its happy ending a week ago. (got both, the part and the cashback)

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Re: and zeeko customer service Review

Postby jamescarlyle » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:30 pm

24-7 is wonderful. They've been around for ever and have a long term view.

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