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Switch Element 6 (brand new)

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flying piranha
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Switch Element 6 (brand new)

Postby flying piranha » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:39 pm

Brand NEW — fresh from the factory — the new and exciting Swithckites Element 6.
Arrived Saturday in La Ventana — just in time to see the wind die — so Sunday was the day
went up the road to the Hot Springs launch as the wind kicks in earlier :-)
rigged the Element 6 - 8m as well as the e6 12m and my trusty 14m Nitro 6
Time to ride — first the Nitro6 — as it’s been a couple of weeks due to SOCal winter. But now wind is building so its time to take the new Elements for s spin.
Since the 8m already has the 20m lines attached I’ll take it out and WOW — so much power for such a small kite. It’s super fast, but does not feel twitchy or nervous — just responsive ;-)
And it goes upwind like a charm. Just to help put this in perspective not guys were riding 12m kites and I an 200+ lb So being able to even jump this little guy was amazing.
Not too much swell to be had in LV — but the ones I snatched were fun too still can enjoy the drift you may have learned to appreciate from the Element 5.
Now its time to get serious and take out the 12m — attached the 23m lines on the new Controller4 and we are of to the running.
So now with a couple of pounds disadvantage when compared to most of the guys out there on 12m kites riding a 135 twintip.
but I am faster, can go further up upwind and still have super nice, high lofty jumps. The kite a very responsive — maybe the e7 will be able to read my mind — who knows ;-)
Upwind: Check
Looping: Check
Jumping: Check (high) and Check (floating flight and landing)
I have been a hard core Nitro Guy but I may fall in love with this Element 6 :-) 12m — I’ll keep you posted --
BTW will be at the hot springs tomorrow in case you would like to try it 😀😉😍
#SwitchKites #Nitro6 #Element6 - disclaimer: I have been riding Switch for many year as I believe they are making an important contribution to the sport we love by bringing solid kites are ver affordable prices to the market.
I am not paid by Switch. I did not pay for the kites as I will actually leave them in LV for some guys that stay here the rest of the season when I leave.

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DIY CAD ultra-concave wave twintips 1500 and 130mm with my own fin designs. Easy upwind, awesome carving.
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Re: Switch Element 6 (brand new)

Postby fluidity » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:14 am

Piranha, with a review like that, I'd love to hear the other side, what all those on bigger kites thought about hefty you zipping around on a little kite that combined speed(not much draft) with power(lots of draft).
It doesn't seem very credible to me.

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