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My first sessions with the Flysurfer Soul 12, a short video

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Re: My first sessions with the Flysurfer Soul 12, a short video

Postby downunder » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:13 am


No, not you. One particular user from the above.

I mean, all of the vids about controlled crashing onto the LE must do *some* damages, after that, just adds up and bang. Same with any kite to be fair.
Sewing is particularly "slippery job" with Soul ;) I would never ever be able to do that with my skills.


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Re: My first sessions with the Flysurfer Soul 12, a short video

Postby Ice101 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:25 pm

Ah phew. I haven’t had that experience with lei’s and they are also actually designed with that in mind.well at least the style ones I have bought. Whilst learning to do dark slides and hand plant transitions etc my trusty lei’s served well. I crashed them hundreds of times leading edge down and never the slightest bit of damage. I have been able to do those tricks pretty competently nearly every time for years now and love them. But even a pro will still get one wrong now again like you said. I want to move on and practice mega loops and stuff, I want to keep progressing.
I am still learning on the souls and getting fully dialled so not ready to try mega loops on them yet. But they market the soul for such purposes and market the kite showing Olly Bridge doing them indicating they are suitable to their customers for that purpose and therefore owners will eventually try these things. So if your gonna advertise as a brand showing your riders doing these things the kite has to be able to withstand others learning and trying to do the same. I am perhaps thinking I was foolish to swap entirely to souls this year because they are truly amazing in light wind and for grass mowing and high jumps but as for freeride/free style I am now a little weary of trying anything new as once the warranty is up I would worry about the cost of a repair if the kite accidentally didn’t complete a loop or fell out the sky after a minor face plant again or any of those kind of things you are likely to encounter from learning or pushing yourself a little to increase your skills. The soul is the most fun kite I have been on but the best most fun days are those days you push yourself and learn something totally new and the kite needs to be practical and hardy to enable you to do that.

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