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Nitro 7 - The One That Got Away

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Nitro 7 - The One That Got Away

Postby galewarning » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:26 pm

Switch might be coming out with a kite called the 'Nitro 7' in the future, and it might be truly awesome, but this [blue kite] is the one [Bill's design] which got away and would have continued the true Nitro lineage.
I got to pump it up this past Friday, July 20th, in the Gorge. I was fully lit on a 7m and wisely let someone else much more talented take the blue proto Nitro 10m out for a spin.
Sorry for the low res phone photos. Also had to pixelate and crop tightly.
Note the spider bridle and saw-tooth TE.
Ciao, -Barry
Pumped-up and ready.
If you zoom, you can see the spider bridle.
In action.

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