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Hood River Report & Some Duotone Testing

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Hood River Report & Some Duotone Testing

Postby lindseym » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:31 pm

Spent a week in the Hood for AWSI and we had a blast. Didn't get to demo as much as I wanted but here's a quick review. This is my first time riding in Hood and the wind was strong but extremely gusty (apparently even for Hood river). To add, the chop was brutal - Tampa has spoiled me lol. Despite all this, we definitely had a blast.

1) Rebel 2020 (8m) - Wind was probably 25 to 35. It felt pretty similar to last years in terms of hangtime and lift. I was really comfortable and as you would expect, it was locked in the sky and very stable. Most of the updates are material based, (i think) modifying the trailing edge to make it a bit lighter and more durable. I'd say the differences between last year and this year are subtle but definitely there. Its not something you would feel in the 8m but probably in the 15m.

2) Evo 2020 (11m) - Wind was about about 20 to 28 or so. This kite felt amazing and is noticeably different than last year. It's a bit more direct and with the removal of a pulley, you definitely feel it. I was thinking about using a Dice to learn megaloops but the Evo is now so nimble I'd feel confidant using this. The boosting was killer as well. I went out in the morning to ride it and when I came in it was really strong and the high end on the kite is solid (i'm about 155lbs).

3) Jaime 2020 (136) - I absolutely fell in love this board. The bottom shape made landings much more forgiving. I think overall its similar to last years but feels a bit lighter. The new entity footpads btw have ridges on the side that lock in your heal and provide better support. I like to keep my straps loose but feel really locked in.
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