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Cabrinha Moto Review (Drifter vs Moto)

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Cabrinha Moto Review (Drifter vs Moto)

Postby Toby » Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:36 pm

A comprehensive review of the cabrinha Moto and how it compares to the Drifter for waves and Hydrofoiling.

Last year, Cabrinha released a new kite in the lineup. Something to not replace, but complement the Switchblade. Essentially a lighter and faster 3 strut version with characteristics of its own.

This was a clever solution to a big problem for Cabrinha. Everyone was asking for a fun modern three strut kite yet, every time they changed the Switchblade, the purists get a little touchy. Anyone remember the backlash in 2013? Since they they refined that kite to a point that we hope they don’t change it. Hands down, the Switchblade has peaked for what it is.

Back to the story on the Moto. By now you know, in years prior experienced riders were gravitating towards niche kites like the Drifter and the FX. Two of our favorite kites but frankly not the best choice for everyone. If all all around kiteboarding is your jam, the Moto might be the best fit.

In our original review I also promised to do a versus video comparing the Drifter and the Moto. Both of these kites have wave and hydrofoil applications. They both take completely different approaches and they do both have their own place in the line up. Find out what one is more suited to your style.

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