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Blisstik kite board (Excellent)

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Blisstik kite board (Excellent)

Postby angelo » Tue May 06, 2003 3:43 am

I have just tried a new board which was a 147 Carbon Blisstik http://WWW.BLISSTIK.COM

I have ridden many kite boards but I will compare the Blisstik board with my current board which I believe to be the best board I have ridden until now.

First impressions, it’s very light, about half the weight of my Underground WT142 (non Carbon).
In the water I found the board got up and plaining extremely fast with minimal amount of effort.
The Blisstik rode supper smooth and is a very forgiving board. I was able to hold the edge in over powered conditions which with the Wavetray is hard to hold as I find it skips and jumps over the chop.
The best thing about this board is its UP-WIND ABLITY, it’s effortless. You don’t just stay upwind you GO UPWIND!
This board is supper fast and stable.
The worst thing about this board is the Graphics. The boards are quite plan but then again the Underground boards are no oil panting!
I rode the Blisstik all day in 17-20 knots with a 12 and 16m kite.
Please note I did NOT ride the Blisstik in underpowered conditions but I believe the 147 would perform well.
I am not dissing Underground I own one! And find it an excellent board.
This is just a good board to compare against as everyone knows how the wavetrays ride!

The 147 Blisstik is excellent if you can only afford one board (like me!)
It is very cheap compared to other kite boards, just over half the price of a CARBON wavetray.

The Blisstik 147


Low in cost
Light in weight
Upwind ability

Very plain Graphics

Also I now have an Underground wavetray for sale as I can not afford two boards:

This board is blue with white blades incs fins and foot straps
I am in Cairns but I am also travelling back down to Brisbane so I will be around for a bit.
website here:

Angelo 0405 767 372

$1100 au

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Postby Guest » Sat Jul 26, 2003 11:00 am

i have designed new boards now and are under development for 2004....

changes include;

1. digital photo quality graphics (actual photos can be used, use your imagination... :)

2. 100% carbon and kevlar wrapped construction (no glass) yielding very lightweight.

3. formica bottom

4. underground style flip tips.

i havnt updated the website yet but will do as soon as i get some more photos...

these boards will turn some heads so stay tuned :thumb:

cyclone @

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