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safety questions:

Forum with lots of safety info - a must for newbees
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safety questions:

Postby B19 ELS » Tue Apr 05, 2022 3:16 pm

1. I have an old North Trust 5 line bar from 2010. I have changed the depower ropes a few times. The spliced loops on the front lines which guide the 5th line have worn away. Can this be repaired? The rest of the lines look in OK condition but I have never changed them. Are there tell tell signs that lines are going to go? How long have others used their lines. Should I ride until they snap?
Redo the lines on the bar? What cost for new set and do they differ from different line manufacturers?

2. Looking at a 2018 trust bar. What is the difference in functionality compared to the 2022 version? Are they good or do they get sand in the click mechanism? Are there other better bars I should look at or people recommend? Should I buy new?

3. Where should I put my kite knife? I have lost the one on my old harness (velcro under spreader). Seems a great place, but gets ripped out from a big wipe out or in heavy surf? How have other kept in accessible and secure? Do the kite knives blade degrade in sea water over time or is there a really good and cheap knife others swear by?

4. Will I break my chicken loop on the mini loop on my new ride engine harness? I have a stainless ring on the surf rope but interested in what I should? I just clicked in using the chicken loop first time but is that what others do on the mini loop?

Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions?


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Re: safety questions:

Postby edt » Tue Apr 05, 2022 3:52 pm

Those 2010s are some of the nicest bars made. You can do a complete refurb of the bar but you need to know how to splice etc first. So if you have such basic questions about how to fix a bar maybe just buy new. Some people like the click some don't.

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Re: safety questions:

Postby evan » Wed Apr 06, 2022 12:07 am

If you never jump, only ride waist deep water with a wide launch area and winds between 10-20kn you can ride until your gear breaks. In all other circumstances you should change your lines more often.

By your description (multiple new depower ropes, worn out loops, 2010) I would consider that bar scrap material. Unless you are willing to invest in renewing every single line including chickenloop.

A miracle those lines didn't break yet. North was notorious for having weak lines. Watch out for any fraying, especially close to/ under the shrink wraps of the sleeves.

If your intention is to ride with 2010 5fth line north kites you need a 5fth line bar with high split. The more recent duotone models are less sensitive to split height and can also be flown on four line Trust and click bars.

North trust = 5 line bar, 13m split from the kite side
Duotone trust = 4 line bar, 6m split from the bar side
Duotone click = 4 line bar, 6m, 8m or 10m split from bar side

Duotone has a 5fth conversion for both bars. Click with 10m split will come closest to the old North 5th bar. But I would test those new bars first if they match your kites before buying.

A slider rope needs a hard surface to slide over. Only the plastic chickenloop line with rope inside will wear pretty fast, some put a big friction ring in between the loop and rope.

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