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are you ready to pull the QR ?

Forum with lots of safety info - a must for newbees
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never hesitate to use your safety system!!!

Postby lexflex » Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:40 am

exactly my point:
never hesitate to use your safety system and practise it in different situations too!!!

just get a flysurfer RAM and you will not have the relaunching and the "not wanting to use that safety system"- problem...
drying the kite onland will remain easier with tube kites...

the only serious accident I had was because I did not want to drop a LEI...!!!

well, Recon and 5th-Element are first steps to improve the relaunching problem with LEIs... I am sure the relaunching problem with LEIs can be solved nicely one day but it might be accompanied with other disadvantages (more lines etc.)!!!

but when that day comes... flysurfer or other RAMs might be advanced enough with improving their disadvantages to convince LEI kiters to switch over...

the day you can sell your pump and be safer!!!

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Postby ckramer » Mon Nov 29, 2004 3:27 pm

There is not enough info and publicity on foils. When I first started I completely did not know of their existance and thought thet they were only used on buggies.

Are there any statistics about accidents involving recon equipped kites and 5 th line equipped ones?

QR is too slow to activate and cannot be trusted as the only safety system. THere are too much fiew kite companies investing in safety and I really admire Cabrinha and the other brands that introduced recon and 5th lines security systems as standard equipent and not as extras.

I do not know why some kite companies consider safety equipment as an extra to be bopught apart after one buys the kite. If I had a kite brand I surely would'n like it if one of my customers cot seriuosly injured on my kites.

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Postby swengelska » Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:39 pm

I´ve tested my safety system several times in shallow water, and one time released it in shallow water when I got overpowered on my 18 and was being skidded towards the beach on seaweed covered bottom.
Hell of a tangle.

Most of the lads wondered what I´m doing using my safety.

I´ve fitted a simple 5th line to my 12 and 18 and this is agreat system. If you get into a bind you can reach to your leash and pull on the line and the center 5th line depowers the kite and it falls out of the air. You are still hooked in and the pull needed is minimal. You can even reach up and depower in a big gust to avoid a full bail out when you are further out and don´t want to do a full safety.

It´s amazing how you can give a 1 inch pull on the 5th and it depowers the kite. I was wondering when someone will make a little "twist grip" thingy on the bar so I can twist the grip and depower via the 5th line. Like the grip shift on a MTB.

Regards, Tom

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