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Where do I attach the leash?

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:49 pm
by Randahl
I have this Cabrinha bar, I think a 2006. It looks like the picture, only no swivel above the depower straps.

I can't figure out if there is any spot to hook a leash. There is the ring on the grab ball, which would flag out the kite to the leash if I pulled the QR, but then the leash is totally tangled with the lines and in the way. There is a hole on the chicken loop to hook into, so it will hang on to the kite if you unhook and let go, but if you pop the QR, the kite and all is adios.

Am I missing something or is this just a bad design?

This was probably all discussed 8 years ago but I'm too lazy to dig.

I use it on a 9m crossbow from the same vintage. All the gear is still in good shape so I'm not ready to trash it. That QR is a liability though. I have bumped it a couple of times and released it and the kite goes full power and rips out of my hands.

Re: Where do I attach the leash?

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:25 pm
by tomatkins
Those kites had a single front line safety system, so you hook the leash to the "grab ball". If I remember right, people did not like the way the weight of the leash and shackle hooked to the "grab ball" would sink and drag the front line down to the bottom... you could get the line and leash tangled on your foot or debris on the bottom. The leash hung down below the bar... farther and farther, as the kiter depowered the kite.

Test all the above in LIGHT WIND, and have a friend there, ready to help, if needed... you are using OLD technology... with lots of things to tangle, if you are not careful.

Re: Where do I attach the leash?

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:37 pm
by southflorida
That was my first pulley bar - and the only place other than down at the chicken loop is the ring up at the top labeled #2.

Sucks because you need a really long leash. It's a horrible design, there is a huge risk of wrapping the bar, kite lines and leash while it is connected up at #2. In fact, that kind of a wrap could be the cause of a death-looping kite, something you DO NOT want to experience. If you must go out with that gear, connect down below, and if you have to hit the QR, bye bye kite, and no injuries.

Buy newer gear - all new stuff connects the leash below the bar, making it much harder to get it wrapped up.

From the 2006 manual (note they say leash is OPTIONAL)

All 2006 Cabrinha kites can be used with the optional BYPASSTM Leash. This security leash is an optional feature and is recommended for first time users and kiteboarding schools, and for riders who kiteboard without being hooked into the harness loop.

If you choose not to ride with the BYPASSTM Leash, follow the instructions on using the security pin to make sure you have a positive connection to your kite.

• Make sure you set up your BYPASSTM Leash properly before going on the water.
• When using your Cabrinha kite with the optional BYPASSTM Leash, you may activate the shutdown feature of the kite by simply unhooking from the harness loop

• If hooked into the harness loop when using the BYPASSTM Leash, you must first either unhook or activate the quick release on your harness loop in order to utilize the BYPASSTM Leash System as a means of shutting the kite down.
CAUTION: If using a BYPASSTM Leash on the Override control system, releasing the QRS will separate you from the kite. The Override CS is equipped with an alternate leash attachment point above the CAS which will allow the rider to remain attached to the left front line.

Here is pic from my 2006 manual. It says you'll lose the kite if you hit QR and are connected below. Amazingly, it says you can connect above the CAS, which is your point #2
ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 30 12.23.jpg

Re: Where do I attach the leash?

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:23 pm
by Randahl
Ok. Just a bad design. I guess there was no mystery. Would I have success using a 1:1 bar? like I have a 2013 blade unibar. I still want to use the kite, it's my only small kite. And to be clear, I have used this setup a lot and not just in light wind, so it's not new to me. I just took a while to ask the question. Maybe I couldn't believe cabrinha would put this out to work like this, then again, maybe this was cutting edge when it came out.

It's mostly fine. I use it mainly with a foil board since it seldom is windy enough to use a TT and a 9. The QR usually gets bumped when I am dragging to deep water. I hold the board at an angle to hold the foil up and sort of drag on top of/against the board and steer the kite with the other hand. The QR catches the edge of the board and pops. Probably avoidable by many means, and I usually keep an eye on it but once in a while it catches me snoozing on the job and I pay the price.

Once or twice I have leashed into the #2 ring for the body drag then move to the chicken loop hole once I'm in deep water. But the ring is so far up the system I can hardly reach it to unhook. I rode for about five minutes with it hooked to #2 before I decided it was bad news.

Re: Where do I attach the leash?

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:35 pm
by edt
you can definitely fly a 2:1 kite on a 1:1 bar but it will be dog slow so I would suggest for a small kite to use the largest bar you own for instance a 55 or 60cm bar even for a little 7m kite. There are some nice features in having such a slow kite in high winds.