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Know your limits (Safety Warning)

Forum with lots of safety info - a must for newbees
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Know your limits (Safety Warning)

Postby cyprusdf » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:53 am

Just another reminder for everyone to RESPECT the sea. One minute you're having the time of the life, the next you can be in serious trouble.

I was out kiting early in 20knots on my 10m2 in some big chop with wind speeds gradually picking up. I had a hard crash (kite looped, flying superman style, head first etc etc, we've all been there).

Anyway, the board was well up wind from me and with the wind now beginning to over power me I decided to get out of the water, land the kite then go get my board which was about 30 metres from shore.

After a big struggle to land the kite and feeling fatigued from my crash, I dumped my gear and went for the board. By this time I didn't realise just how tired I was as I started swimming in the chop to try to get my board.

About 10 metres (IT WAS RIGHT THERE!) away from my board I realised that if I continued to it I was not going to be able to swim back so made the choice that my life wasn't worth the €400 my second hand board was worth.

I just, JUST managed to get back to the shore after a big fight. I was so tired I was doggy paddling in the end, doing my best to stay calm, forcing my body to keep going. I have never dug so deep in my life to keep going.

All this happened literally 20 metres from the beach in deep water.

The moral of the story is that you should never put the value of your gear over the value of your life. Live to kite another day boys and girls.

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