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A line knife that you will be used to handle...

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:30 pm
by kitesurfvoilier
Hi kiteboarders,
I try my best to design a pocket accessory that keeps lines in position and add a ceramic blade to strongest versions as I think it could help to be used to handle a reliable line cutting tool on a bad day... Kind of 6th finger with a claw.
You will be used to handle it because it will avoid you untwisting of lines (not always easy on small beaches, crowded spots, boats or in strong wind conditions...) by using it every session.

Demo video:

All available details: (better to use desk PC / Mac).
Sorry for my bad English and draft step of videos, still working on it, all comment is welcome and many thanks to those who could give me a hand by offering me a try on it! Best winds to all.