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Sumbawa, Indonesia

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Sumbawa, Indonesia

Postby Toby » Wed Jul 23, 2003 12:01 pm

Hello people,

Here are the facts for Sumbawa,
Sumbawa is in Indonesia, if you have a world map closed to you you will see that is 2 island towards Australia from Bali.

All the picture in our web site (Sanur Kite Club) where you see waves is Lakey Peak!!!!!! We keep the place secret for one year but decide to make it public for the sake of the people there that need some tourist around.

The place where I have been is call Lakey Peak, is one of the most famous surfing spot in the island and is closed to the city of Hu Hu.
The windy season start after Bali lets say from end of July until end of October (13-25 knots). There is an Australian guy that live there name Brett that is an ex paraglider and he said that you got wind at least 25 days out of a month during this period.
To get there you can get a ferry from Bali that bring you to Bima and is 1 times a week, Saturday, leave at 21:00 and arrive at 05:00 next morning, from the port to the place is another 2 hours driving.
Alternatively, there is a plane by Merpati every day around lunchtime, but is always very full and difficult to carry in a lot of equipment.
In Lakey peak there are about 5 or 6 little hotels for surfer, the best is the Amangati with room with AC, hot water, satellite TV. The best room cost 35 US$ per night with ABF. Then you can go cheaper and the cheapest accommodation is about 50.000 rp in the other hotels.
There are 5 break for surfing; I rode with the kite at least 3 that are the best.
The beach is really clean as the water with nice sand and few corals, the lagoon before the waves is about 500 meters.
Flat water inside big waves in the reef, there are 2 big channels about 200 meters wide to get out of the reef, the wind is almost perfect side shore on the waves and few degrees form the sea on the middle of the bay. In low tide cannot ride inside this lagoon but can move to the next bay, just 500 meters away where there is always deep water.
Lakey peak is a peak with wave both left and right famous for the tube, when I was there was never smaller then 3 meters and the biggest day about 5 meters.
The Pipe and Dongu are the other 2 break that are very good for riding lefthander waves with the kite as they turn a little off shore, the waves are smaller but longer and not crowded.
A part for the surf and the wind there is absolutely nothing to do, few little restaurant very inexpensive even compare to Bali.
Look out for malaria so bring a lot of Autan or Off for the evening, better long sleeve shirt and long trousers during the dinners.
I had been in many places but I think this is the most perfect spot for wave kiting in the world, even better then Maui.... the waves are just perfect I'm sure with a little experience would be possible to catch tube...
Soon we will be able to organize trip that include booking the boat, the transfer and the hotel there direct from our club, we are working on it.....
For sure is possible to windsurf there but be sure to bring at least 3 mast spare, because the waves are killer....
Bye Jankie

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Postby Guest » Sat Apr 17, 2004 6:57 pm

The malaria problem is no joke. Bring pills as well as mosquito spray. Booties to keep your feet intact. I've only been once surfing, wish I could go back with a kite. The afternoon wind was incredible, and L.Pipe stays clean in the sideshore breeze, big lagoon between you and L.Peak if you drop it or lose the board.

Stayed at the Aman Gati (sp?), can't recommend it enough. About $30 US a night, if I remember correctly. Yeah, Mona Lisa and others have been there longer and have rooms for a fraction of the cost, but AC is an excellent mosquito repellent and the food was clean and delicious.

Anyway, if you're on your way there, enjoy.

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