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Peru, Oct/Nov 2012 - need help!

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:53 am
by Masha
Hi! I'm planing trip to Peru from mid October till end of November.
Wanna ride at Mancora and Pacasmayo. How is wind and waves this time there? What is water temp - 3/2mm wetsuit will be enough? I weight 115lbs and want to bring 2 kites, choosing between 5&7,5m or 6,25&9 (wainmans) with 5'7 surfboard - which quiver is better?
Looking for cheap accommodation in Mancora and El Faro - something around 10-15usd/person - any ideas?
Maybe i don't know about other great spots - will be thankful for any advice!

Re: Peru, Oct/Nov 2012 - need help!

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:32 pm
by projectile
Not sure about winds, but La Pousada is a great cheap hostel but you can totally still walk to the beach, it has a pool etc. Loki/the point if you wanna party too

Also, chat to the schools/rental shops about excursions, often a few of them will bundle into a taxi for a 30 min drive to a windier spot in the afternoon. If you meet a guy called Umberto, he's a trustworthy honest dude. Has a small kite shop to the north of the beach.

oh ps beware doing what i did... was trying to play in the waves and crashed my kite, only to get dragged over rocks unable to get enough grip to relaunch as it would just cut my feet if I tried to pull against the kite!! Had about 20 cutes on my feet and legs