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Kitesurf in Adicora

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Kitesurf in Adicora

Postby rubenspark » Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:39 pm

This is my 1st post and im still a beginner kitesurfer, so bear with me, i'll try to be as concise as i can.

My opinion my be biased for my lack of experience, so just for u to know I had my first classes in Jericoacoara, then a week in Costa Rica with Nicola from Blue Dream Resort (great place btw) and I went this time to Adicora, Venezuela and Los Roques for a couple of days.

Since i had some trouble to get some info about venezuela and this forum had been so helpful, i'll write down a couple of things to fill some gaps about this great spot.

Adicora is in Venezuela, closest airport is the Punto Fijo's airport Las Piedras, which is about an hour away from the spot in a cab. And from Caracas, it's a 40 minutes flight costing ~1200 bolivares roundtrip.

It's windy all year, except for november-mid december, it's in a desertic area, so there's not much rainfall. around 17-30 knots, hot weather (~30 degrees celsius), water is hot, but the long sleeved lycra is recommended (because of the sun).

The beach has lots of space for landing, etc and because of the garbage (mostly brought by the currents, but a lot of beer caps and other crap they throw on the beach), but nothing unbearable, and plenty of clean space to leave your kite.
The spot is big, large shallow (belly deep) area, flat and waves, and there is also another flat spot about 20-30 minutes away with a cab (~400 bolivares for the cab) called Mata Gorda.

There are a couple of kiting schools, but I had classes and was helped by Marthy Landry, a Canadian guy that lives in Adicora for more than a year now and provides a great service both in the logistics (a safe one) to get there from Caracas, teaching, and the support/help during your stay in Adicora with anything.

He's in the forum, and he's a great guy, easy to get in contact with (which you'll find it is a problem in Venezuela as a whole..) and has a great knowledge of the spots, know the best places to eat and visit near Adicora and is really blended in with the local community (dunno if thats the correct term in english..). Aso, he speaks english, french and spanish fluently.

I went there in low season (May, kited 11 days out of 12 days), but it doesn't look like it gets crowded. It's not really developed, no hot water (not needed though), power shortages are not that rare, but they usually only last for a couple of hours and most Posadas have air conditioners.
So.. not much to do at night, empty during the weekdays, about 15 kiters in the weekend, mostly locals, cheap food (simple fish, rice and yuca plate for 120 bolivares, beer about 12 bolivares) and accomodation (~300-600 bolivares/night), it's relatively close to some really gorgeous spots like Morrocoy.

well, i'll edit this later or answer questions some people might have, but to sum it up, Venezuela is a beautiful country, the political situation is kind of bad, but if you have the right support from someone local, you can get past Caracas safely and get to Adicora, where is really isolated from all this protests and violence from the capital.



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