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Suggest me a great kite destination for march.

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Re: Suggest me a great kite destination for march.

Postby f2020 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:54 am

Pranburi in Thailand or Hua Hin in Thailand. Thermal wind every day in the 15-20 knots in March.

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Re: Suggest me a great kite destination for march.

Postby piccio » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:30 pm

kite false bay? warm water,seals, colossus living there.......4.5 meter one kiting that side .
windy days could count maybe 1000 kiter other side ...colder water .
went twice on wine tour with friends.......time wasted ,not beautiful places ......better stay by the ocean
consider 30 knots or nothing, take with you small kites depending from your weight.
muddy water on big bay ,not very beautiful. main reason to go there is high wind and waves...strapped and leash,other than that is better another destination about kiting.march should be better ,less wind and less tourist on water

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Re: Suggest me a great kite destination for march.

Postby miriam_wakeupstoked » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:58 pm

As Toby already wrote, Cabarete is a great spot for March (and one of my favorites). To be honest, if you have the budget, I would definitely go to Kite Beach (and not Bozo Beach) since I like the conditions more at Kite Beach: the chop and shore break is not as big as in Bozo and the reef (with perfect kickers) is closer and not as far out as Bozo. I would just store my gear in one of the many kite schools or if you stay at Kite Beach you can literally go from your bed to your board. Otherwise you could also rent a moto and drive back and forth with your equipment every day. Plus Kite Beach is in the middle between Cabarete Town and Encuentro, the Surf Spot, so you can drive to both in very little time.

I also wrote a detailed spot guide about Cabarete here: ... -republic/

Since someone asked: I've been living in Cabarete for a year (and came back for numerous holidays): I'Ve been using the moto taxis the whole time I was there but yes some drive crazy and at night, when you're driving home from a club at 3 a.m. your driver sometimes smells more like rum than you do. Still, I used them a lot and if you use your guts and just choose a driver you trust you won't have a problem.

In general, don't leave your iphone next to you on a table when dancing or it might be gone, as well as your gucci handbag (if you posess something like that). I'd always be a bit careful but it's not like it's a crazy dangerous place. But of course, some people are extremely poor and if the opportunity is there and your iphone is lying around, it might be gone. As well as if you leave your bar out at night on the beach. So take a bit care of your stuff but in general it's pretty safe, I didn't have any major problems.

I'll be heading to Cape Town first time this year (after having been to Cabarete like 5 times already) so after this winter I'll know more about it ;)

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Re: Suggest me a great kite destination for march.

Postby Lorenaibarra32 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:21 pm

I would say Dakhla. Flat water, warm weather. A good wave spot like 30 min away from the lagoon. It has pretty much everything.
Check Dakhla Attitude for the lagoon or Westpoint Dakhla for the wave spots.
I totally recommend!

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Re: Suggest me a great kite destination for march.

Postby KiteNewbie » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:21 pm

Hello Bernie!

Have you think about Safaga, Soma Bay, Red Sea Egypt?
If you are a freerider, Soma Bay is just paradise, 360° of water around you, steady side shore wind, pristine and warm water.
I am right now taking a course with Hawa Station in Safaga. With their zodiacs or Kite Boat they take you to their private Hawa Platform in the middle of Soma Bay. The Station is famous as well for the 6km downwind ride back.
Crazy conditions, you have to come! And no jetlag here! ;-)

If you want to check out their website:

Have a good ride! :-)

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