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Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

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Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby elmarco » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:50 pm


I'm heading to Cape Town mid Nov.
I have never been there, but I'm debating either staying right in the middle of Blouberg in an apartment near the beach, or there is a really nice place literally on the beach at the north end of Blouberg, just past Doodles in front of the rocks before big bay.
I'll be there with my wife who does not kite, so I'm thinking the place on the beach would be really nice for her.

While there is a beach out front, it looks like you have to walk up wind toward Doodles a few hundred meters before you can launch.
I'm an advanced kiter who can handle himself in big surf and strong winds, but I don't know the area.
My thoughts right now are to walk a few hundred meters upwind, launch and ride upwind a little and hang out there, or I get dropped off a few km south towards the centre of blouberg and downwind back to my place, or I can downwind to Big bay from my place.
The house is on Bellroy st.

I also want to go spend a day at Scarborough and langebaan while we tour around. (We only have 1 week).

Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby piccio » Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:32 pm

either on the beach or mid blouberg there is no big difference ,you need a car for kiting or visiting.not very safe move around rocks at doodles.cancel langebaan,not worth ,you waste one day to see a lagoon .go south, witsand scarborough and platboom for kiting and visiting cape the same day.
camps bay ,devil peak, table mountain a must in cpt.
carne SA best restaurant with best meat of the world also cheap.
from sunset you can go downwind to haakgat (a must once).
do not waste time inside in vinery and farms ....nothing to do or visit ,no good foods .stay on the coast

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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby elmarco » Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:43 pm

Awsesome - thanks Piccio!
Do I have to go far up from the rocks at the end of doodles to get to clean water/waves?
Good/bad idea to downwind to Big bay?
Downwinding to haakgat solo a big deal? Is it tough to find others to downwind with?
I'll have a car.
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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby wrogu » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:17 pm

Renting car is a good idea. And if you rent a car you can stay anywhere around blouberg and park at the beach, near bars where your wife can chill.

It is a Cape Town — wind is predictable. If it is windy in the morning it is nuking in the evening. If the wind is light or there is no wind in the morning and wind direction is 'right' it will be windy in the evening. Thus having a car will allow you to have plenty of fun till afternoon and plenty of kiting in the evening. Tons of things to see and do around the city. Been there for 3 weeks, planned to rest for 1,5 week and do some sightseeing during other 1,5 weeks. Ended up going somewhere every day and kiting in evenings.

P.S. Staying close to news cafe is also a good idea ;)

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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby rynhardt » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:15 pm

When I go to Cape Town I rent 2 cars. One for the family and one for me.
Then you can stay anywhere in the area, and go kite anywhere.
Langebaan and Shark Bay is definitely worth a visit.

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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby student » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:18 am

Hi Mark,
Launch at Doodles or further south. Not at your marked spot!
Just talk to some wavekiters at the beach (Big Bay, Dolphin oder Kite Beach) if they plan to do a DW to Haakgat. Pretty easy to catch up if you are advanced. Would not recomment to do it alone.
DW to Big Bay ... No big deal. But you never know... :evil:
Let your wife take you to Dolphin or Sunset for an average DW.

If there is no wind in CPT visit Langebaan through the south entrance of the National Park. Shark Bay is nice to see. If you want to kite, wind is stronger at main beach. Enjoy the sundowner at Pearley's or go back for a sunset session at CT.

Scarborough... Do it! Visit the Cape in the morning before you go kiting. But consider the rush hour.

Enjoy the Mothercity!

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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby North_Wind » Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:08 pm

Hi Elmarco -

Our Club is located in Big Bay itself just behind Blue Peter. It is 100m to the beach. We have a lovely deck overlooking the sea and super fast wifi (fibre to the house), pool table, mini library so plenty for non-kiters to entertain themself with:

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Re: Cape Town - Blouberg/Big Bay Tips

Postby Hugh2 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:24 am

Yes, you can walk upwind 100 yards and launch there, and ride upwind to join the fun. But what's really nice is downwinders from Sunset to Haakgat, and since you have a wife and a car, its perfect. No problem doing it yourself, I do it regularly (and catch the bus back). Don't hurry and enjoy the regions between the crowds. Don't tell anyone else, but if the waves are good, don't stick around Big Bay, the stretch north of Big Bay is the sweetest, with completely different wave dynamics to the Blouberg section which has long lines of waves rolling in, and of course Haakgat has peeling waves if you are good enough for that in strong conditions, dodging the windsurfers. If you see others setting up at Sunset, especially strapless, ask if they want to join you on a downwinder and you might get some company, but don't depend on it. Langebaan only worthwhile if you want a flat water session, seldom blows harder than Bloubergstrand. Witsand can be hectic and fun, work upwind a little and don't worry about the rocks, you can easily get back out again. Just short of Cape Point are bays on either side of the peninsula within the national park, so pay attention to Windalert, sometimes these beaches work when nowhere else does, being so far south. If you are only there for a week, that's about it, except of course you have to hike up Table Mountain one morning - if you are fit and capable, the best hike is called India-Venster - research it and join up with others along the way if unsure of the route (which winds from the north-facing to the west-facing aspects) - not rock climbing, just a little scrambly in parts, but spectacular views all the way. If your knees don't like descents, come down in the cable car (after walking around on top for an hour). Enjoy! I hope you get strong SEaster. I will be there just after you in late November for three months, yeah!

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