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Crazy Evacuation Stories

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:44 pm
by KiteKrazyFL
Being from the FL east coast and having a toddler, we decided to evacuate for Dorian as it approached us as a Cat 4 (and later a Cat5) storm.  We went over to St. Petersburg on the FL west coast and figured we could do some kiting and boating over there since it was supposed to be nice weather on that coast and that's where our boat lives anyway.  Well, ironically, we ended up getting caught in a nasty squall, complete with hail (thankfully our son wasn't with us!). Check out this video of the waves after it had calmed down enough to take a video:
We were really grateful for the Navionics app since we couldn't even see the Skyway Bridge much less the channel markers.

Anybody else have any crazy (or ironic) evacuation stories?