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Flat water family spot (Greece, Cyprus)

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Re: Flat water family spot (Greece, Cyprus)

Postby bapt6 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:33 pm

Hi Jeb.
I live on the flat water spot name Agios Nikolaos.
We run the Villa Pefkakia Kitehouse. Bed and breakfast with direct view on the spot. Perfect for kids, family or couples

More information on
Jeb wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:25 pm
Thanks everyone for responding! I've been to Rhodes, passed by Kremasti and I think there were some little waves there, because it's side shore. As for Prasonisi it's a lovely spot with waves from one side and flat-to-choppy water on the offshore side + hotel 300m from the beach. I stayed there for 5 days, but almost without wind (end of season). From what I can tell it's less suitable for families, both the rooms and the beach.
So I guess I'll keep Rhodes as the last option in case I don't find anything else.

Naxos looks spectacular, at least on this video:

Also a wind protected beach is a very nice bonus. How crowded is the spot? How do you get there? A lot of hassle?

Lefkada looks astonishing, these huge spaces are crazy:

However, I couldn't spot any on-spot-accommodations there. Are there any? Also, from what I saw on the video there is a place with flat water. Has anyone been there?
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Re: Flat water family spot (Greece, Cyprus)

Postby Qiter » Fri Jun 05, 2020 5:02 pm

Naxos: The spot is usually not very crowded (see video.., that is pretty normal), there are a few days in August where it will be a little busier, but you can time your sessions around the busy times (in the morning or the evening nobody is on the water), its blowing every day anyways during those months, so no issue.

At the beginning of the video, you see a beach bar (which is also the surf school "Thalassea Sports", where Aurelien Petreau (also in the video), Red Bull King of the Air rider, is giving clinics every summer), just behind that bar there are different accommodations virtually on the spot. Go to Google maps and type in Mikri Vigla Naxos, look at the satellite picture and you will get a good idea of the location.

The family beach on the leeward side is 7km long, so never really crowded. Just the first 500m are "busy", as many Italians who live in the Holiday club that you can see on the map go there. But they stay among themselves (and mostly inside their club), so no issue. On the northernmost part of that beach, there are many boulders that you have probably seen in Greek travel adverts, great for kids to climb on and jump in the water (my family loved it). Its within walking distance of the kite spot (probably 5-10min by foot, 1min by car)

P.S: Like in all the Greek islands, the water is amazingly clear, you can see the bottom even far out. And the spot is very scenic, there is a little island with a small church 500m in front the spot, you can easily kite or swim there.

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Re: Flat water family spot (Greece, Cyprus)

Postby Gpet78 » Fri Jun 05, 2020 5:37 pm

Well Naxos Mikri Vigla is the oposite of flat, usally is very choppy (without desent waves too) and the wind is strong for 7-10m kites, but the wind should be there to kite almost everyday. Lefkada has also great windstats but the the wind is generally lifghter than Naxos usually good 11-13m kites and the water on the main spot (which is a huge beach) is also choppy but not as choppy as Naxos. There are flat water spots in Greece but they are not good for maistream tourism with family these are: Drepano beach at cape Drepano near Patra city (great flat spot but very crowded too), Dioni lagoon near Mesologi (perfect spot but very remote and it is a bit hard to get there) and Prasonisi Rhodes (world famous spot but I dont think this year will be very crowded due to COVID19 effects to tourism) , Agios Nikolaos Vonitsa is also top and last but not least Raches beach (near Stilida). These are the best true flat spots in Greece google them to find more info

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Re: Flat water family spot (Greece, Cyprus)

Postby BenBen » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:09 pm

I ve been to Lefkada in August 19. 14 day stay, 13 days of kiting. Mostly direct in Lefkas next to the windmills (lots of space, nice chop / small waves, a few bars). There s a few guesthouses next to the spot. We traveled with our 2 year old boy. In the morning the was nearly no wind at all, so we drove to the beach called the wooden bridge,since it s a lagoon with very shallow water. Perfect for small kids to chill and learn to swim.
At about noon the wind came and we put the boy to sleep and I went kiting for a few hours. I took my 12 most of the days (16 to 20 knots). The kite beach isn't really suitable for small kids. The water becomes deep quite fast and it s too windy for them. On the other hand you can kite at the wooden bridge. The wind is a little less there, but the scenery is awesome. Flat water and a small island with a lonesome little chapel on it. Had a great session out there.
The other spot next to Agios Nikolaos was disappointing. Beach bar with loud music and a lot of waste in the water and on the beach. And less wind than the windmill spot.
Greece islands are always worth a trip since the water, the weather and the food are great.

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Re: Flat water family spot (Greece, Cyprus)

Postby nothing2seehere » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:57 am

They must have cleaned wooden bridge up a bit then (in the last 3 years I guess). When I went the beach was littered with sharp bits of fishing tackle and floatsam. The water would be a nice place to paddle but I wouldn't have encouraged a small child onto that beach. We got a few cuts on the soles of our feet from walking along that beach in bare feet. Is it greatly improved now then?

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