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Ukraine Kiteboarding Spots

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Ukraine Kiteboarding Spots

Postby alterego11 » Sun Dec 06, 2020 6:59 am

Ukraine has world class kiting spots with awesome wind conditions. I personally checked all the following spots and had tons of fun and happy hours.

Best spot is Henichesk/Arabatska strilka

Henichesk is located close to Arabatska strilka (long sandbar (115 km long, 8km wide) which gives awesome kiting conditions for all levels. Arabatka creates awesome geographical conditions which makes possible to kite almost everyday in any wind direction. No matter where wind blows - you kiting anyway either in lagoon (called Sivash) or in Azov Sea because any of this wind directions gonna be onshore.


Peak Season: March – October. You gonna need 5mm wetsuit in March, April, 2mm suit in May and no wetsuit in June, July, August (average t in summer months is 25-30°C) Also you may need 3mm wetsuit in September, October and 5 mm in November.

Busy Peak Season: May-August

Most windy months are April, May, June, August, September, October, November

Kites needed : 10m, 12M, sometimes you may need 6m kite for spring or autumn months

Most of the kiting spots in Ukraine are located in the South. South is safe. I've been there in 2019 and 2020. I wouldn't recommend Crimea peninsula now because it is occupied and I'm not sure about security there.

How to get to Henichesk: Nearest airport is Odesa. From Odesa you can drive approx 5 hours to Henichesk. OR you can come to Kyiv airport and drive from there aprox. 8-9 hours.

Where to stay: Henichesk/Arabatska strilka is a resort area, so you can easily find a place to stay there either in local hotels, AirBnB, Booking etc,.There are plenty of them for different budgets.

Language: No problem at all, same as in Spain or Turkey. Ukrainians speak English but not all, anyway you can communicate.

Lunch average price: 10-20 USD

Beer: 5 USD

Accommodation: Varies. (20 usd and up)


Henichesk /Arabatska Strilka Area:


Great kite spot for kiting in Azov sea. Looks like Tarifa a bit, high season it's crowded and you can see easily 50 kites in the sky. Good spot for all levels, sandy beach, wild camping, kiting schools, bars, music, nightlife. Awesome spot for all Eastern wind directions. Water is choppy but when it's blowing for 10m kite and smaller kites, you can get good waves approx 1.5m high at least. Keep in mind, waves are not super long but enough for kitesurfing. Water is clear.
good for: Freeride /Freestyle/Wave
level: all levels
wind: all E directins, some N directions

Sivash Lake
It's a good lagoon, mostly flat or choppy. Good place for practicing tricks or just speed riding.
good for: Freeride /Freestyle
level: all levels
wind: all W directins, some N and S directions

Chaika2 (Seagull2)
Good waveriding spot when it blows for 10m kite or more. Kiteschool is located there.
good for: Freeride /Freestyle/Wave
level: intermediate
wind: all E directions

Generaly speaking you can easely ride at any spot in Arabatska strilka area.) just pick the place where you find it convenient and safe for you and others. It's a Paradise for kiteboarder.

Odesa area

If you wanna kite in Odesa area you should go to Koblevo spot. Koblevo is a resort town/village with all accommodation you need which located 2 hours drive from Odesa. If you go there - you gonna kite at Black Sea. Good spot for waveriding if wind is 10 m/s and more but if less,...well you still gonna get a good sesh.)
good for: Freeride /Freestyle/Wave
level: all levels
wind: all S directions

Damba (Koblevo Dam)
Spot is also located in Koblevo Area but in Tiligul lagoon. Great spot! Clean choppy water, good spot for freeride sessions. Also, if you're interested you can go north along the coast of Tiligul lagoon and you can kite at Sandbars (called B1, B2). Popular spot for locals and freestyle funs. Kiteschools located there too.
good for: Freeride /Freestyle
level: intermediate, beginner, advanced
wind: all N and S directions

Also you can kite also on lakes in Koblevo area... I haven't done it myself but I've seen other people were kiting there. There is also Dofinovka spot in Odesa area,..good spot too. (Wave spot, intermediate level required)

Small village, good spot for Wave riding, not very popular though...but I had good times there.
good for: Freeride /Freestyle/Wave
level: all levels
wind: all S directions

I bet there are more kitespots in Odesa area I just don't know them,..another good thing about Odesa is that it's a big city and if there is no kiting you can find a lot of other things to do there to entertain your loved one,..nightclubs, cultural life, great restaurants, bar etc..) Have fun!

Generaly speaking, kiteboarding in Ukraine is getting more and more popular because you can find here world class kiting spots. I'm writing only about ones I personally checked out but I know for sure, there are more kiting spots in Skadovsk area ("Truba spot", - Pipe spot) some spots in Mykolayiv Area, Zaporizhya area (Kyrylivka) and Berdyansk area.

To make a long story short - just go there and check it out. :D
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