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Re: Greek mainland + Evia spots, june

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:06 pm
by Abaltasis
belgiancentauro wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:39 am

hi I was planning to go to Evia Marmari this July , You mention that marmari is very very gusty !!! would north evia LEFKADI have better conditions or more/less wind , we will be traveling with a camper , have a daughter of 13 learning so to gusty would be problem , deep water is not a problem , thanks in advance Marc
Marmari is a beautiful village and beasutiful beach..
But unfortunately it is very gusty as the wind comes from a small mountain. Also its really powerful.
Expect kites from 5-6 up until 8-9 meters..

Lefkadi is nice and steady, but much lower in windspeed.
Its thermal and should expect a wind around 15-20 knots.
It has a beach bar on the spot but other than that dont expect to see any traditional beautiful Greek village. Nothing special there (for sightseeing).

If one of those spots has wind, the other doesnt.
So check the forecasts. If the northern winds are up marmari is ON.
If its not north wind, then lefkadi should have its normal thermal.

Maybe check also Pefki. Its far north Evia. Same conditions with lefkadi (thermal 15-20).
With a very beautiful village with with many famillies visiting there.

Re: Greek mainland + Evia spots, June

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:17 am
by duddd
I'm very curious about Tsimari / Drepano area for first week of July. If i get 5 out of 7 days when i can ride my 10m i would say it is a big success.
Since i'm going with my girlfriend, i would usually look for Lefkada, but there i feel like i'm only going to ride my 14m and i really don't want to, so this Drepano/Tsimari area looks more promising. Note that i've only been to Lefkada at end of August and i only got to ride my 14m, not sure how it is at end of June/early July.
How is it in this place besides kiting? Are there any good beaches for tourists with crystal clear water like Lefkada does?
Where would you recommend getting accommodation in a typical greek small town/village, but also not that far away from Tsimari or Drepano?