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Wind strength in Lefkada (June)

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Wind strength in Lefkada (June)

Postby Jeb » Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:16 pm

Hey folks.
I'm planning a kite trip in June and I've been considering Lefkada (northern part if the island).
I've read a few reviews and it looks like an awesome spot (at least on videos), but I'm a bit concerned about the wind.
Everybody says that June-July is the best time to be there, thermal winds 15-20 knots afternoon etc.
However, when I look at WindGuru statistics I see a completely different picture. In June 6 days with 11-15 knots, the rest are even less.
What am I missing? How are the winds there during June? Has anyone visited there lately and can give me the true picture? Also, why such a huge difference in what people say VS what statistic says?

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Re: Wind strength in Lefkada (June)

Postby Herman » Sun Apr 25, 2021 10:55 pm

I was there in 93, where all the sailing clubs were, can’t remember exact location,would guess in the south. I recall it being a reliable afternoon Katabatic wind, cold air draining from height. But it was a very local effect. One side of the bay would be F5-6 and a couple of hundred meters to the other side of the bay would be F3. Meaning that you had to reach up and down the bay parallel and just off the slopes of the shore. Flat water. It was a long time ago so hopefully you’ll get more upto date info.

A general area forecast would be irrelevant for the bay I rode........
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Re: Wind strength in Lefkada (June)

Postby nothing2seehere » Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:04 am

Its thermal driven wind and not weather driven. The main beach sits next to a lake. The lake heats up. Hot air rises and then pulls in the sea breeze. Thats the bit you are missing.

That said. I went for 5 days and didn't see a day of wind above 14 knots at the end of June. Everyone kept saying the weather was too hot and so the thermal wind didn't work and that it had been constant wind for the previous 6 weeks. If you hydrofoil, there's probably always enough wind to kite I toured around and although I really liked the island, the really good kitespots (wooden bridge and the lagoon at Agios Nikaloas) didn't seem to get the same daily wind as the main beach, Agios Ioannis (based on what the kite schools said) and the conditions at the main beach are just normal sea conditions so might not be worth the travel if you are after flat water. Good if you are there a little longer as you can probably get time on the good flat water spots.

The place Herman is talking about is probably Vassiliki. Same deal but not a great kitespot. There isn't much space to launch kites on the beach there, totally onshore wind, and the place is a sailing/windsurfing venue so loads of traffic to navigate just to get off the beach.
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Re: Wind strength in Lefkada (June)

Postby apollo4000 » Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:11 pm

I was there in August 19 and could have kited every day. I realise it’s a different month but thermals rule.
Massive sailing spot for good reason.
I went in the afternoons about 14.00
I had my Nomad LW board,
9m, 14m Rebel and 17m Fat Lady.
I used the 9m x1 and 14m x3. Didn’t use the 17m
I went to Milo’s beach and Ag Nik
Scoped the bridge and church but didn’t get the chance to ride there.
Milo’s beach was a bit crazy though. Some bloke and his mate crashing a 12m Cabrinha kite into the beach, learning, right in the middle of the launch spot. There’s also smooth rocks at low tide. Bit of a shore dump. No right of way rules obeyed. Bit Wild West. Fantastic once you get away from the crazies, who were all tourists btw.
Ag Nik was lovely. Really chilled. Nice vibe, families, couples, no peacocks. Get up wind and you have loads of space.

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Re: Wind strength in Lefkada (June)

Postby Delta99 » Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:38 pm

How do WG do stats? Based on their own forecasts or based on measures of what actually happened at a wind station? Do they use data sets from all 24h or from just daylight hours, say perhaps 10-16 to get the primetime relevant hours? I don't remember how WG does this but I know some station companies and apps take the 24h average which is not useful especially with thermal.

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