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North Bar - Serious Design Flaw - Safety Warning

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Postby FauxKitten » Mon Oct 10, 2005 6:14 am

fokiten wrote:
BITW wrote:

Kudos on the fully assisted deep-water lessons program....

No Fo. Read it again. Then come back here for a proper discussion...

Done reading it yet?


Okay. So you'll see that the fully assisted deep water lessons only beginning AFTER someone has mastering "Ground School", like almost all other lesson programs in the world. Only you suggesting a silly system of drowning the student while they are still learning the simple basics of flying a kite. You are trying to fleecing the masses by making them paying for expensive assisted water time for hours and hours on end, when they should initiating their training on the ground, heading out to the water for some water-assisted training, and then finishing their training on their own. Fully assisted deep water training is a wonderful thing, as you pointing out, but only AFTER learning the basics on the beach.

Also, flying a big kite on the beach (underpowered and away from people) is a lot of fun! Admit it.

And why do you posting these repetitious thinkings of yours in every other thread. This was a thread about North bars. What does that having to do with your wet dream lesson program?

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Postby Phillipp » Mon Oct 10, 2005 6:14 am

consumer wrote:haha hilarous all of you.

Is that all you have to say....

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Postby Sea&Sun » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:32 am

I have had bars or some part of the line system fail on a couple different brands. I really think all companies will cut back on quality to save a few cents. They really need to put stronger materials, better quick release systems, stronger stopper balls and parts on the bar and line systems. They should test them out more and test more after production starts.

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Postby Robbo » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:43 am

consumer wrote: They have fieldtested, the bar has been running for almost 3 months now, only recently has it broke for a couple people. i defend North here because i am sympathetic and it seems like youre(Robbo) trying to smear their rep.

anyway i did the suggest modification, which took a whole 30 seconds.
Not trying to dis their rep -- was hoping this would stir them to action to change they way they release products to the market. North kites fly fantastically -- I've owned eight North Kites and I love them -- the new Rhino 6 is no exception -- problem is that North just don't do a very good job of making their products reliable, robust or durable - all but one of my North kites has blown leading edges after 12 months or less, (my 12m R4, three times) every North bar has has some sort of design flaw in it, (one bar -- orignial Rhino 2 - broke in six places in the first 30 days) My local dealer has been sensational in looking after these issues but I've emailled North directly numerous times with detailed information about these failures and they can't even be bothered to reply or say 'thanks' for the feedback.

The "Urgent Notice" that was supposedly issued by North to all the dealers on this recent problem didn't reach Australia--the dealers had no knowledge of it when I spoke with them today. When my centre line broke on Sunday I was nearly pulled into a grove of trees after pulling the safety. This is not the kind of product flaw you want circulating in the market.

I might also add that the new cleat depower system also has problems -- when in the fully powered position, it's nearly impossible to grab the ball you have to pull to depower the kite -- not ideal. Thing is, all they had to do was make the ball slightly bigger and the problem would disappear -- surely something they would have discovered in field testing.

You'd hardly call any of this good customer service, considering how much $$ I and many others have spent with them in the last four years. As a result of this, I'm not likely to continue buying any more of their kites after this year. Shame really, because I really do like their kites, but there are just too many other good kites and good kite companies who listen to their cutomers,-- companies that learn from the feedback and adapt their products accordingly -- so why should anyone continue buying from a company that doesn't seem to care what customers think? Customer feedback is the golden egg of future product development -- and it's a gift, so why throw that gift away? Perhaps it's just been bad luck and my experience with their products is unique, but somehow I doubt it...

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Postby soul heeler » Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:36 am

Christ! That is a fantastic how-to guide for retards. :thumb:

Waiting for all those useless pics to load was frustrating at first -- just show me the F-ing mod -- but then I got caught up in the suspense...... and the comedy :lol:

Thanks for the entertainment.
1st class retard how-to guide on a retard mod (little piggy :D) for a retard line design.

WTF is North's problem, spending th big bucks on custom user interface plasti-bling only to stitch power-up through a dodgey chank?

North bar designer, you are the F-ing weakest link. Goodbye.

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Postby Janus » Mon Oct 10, 2005 12:41 pm


I get annoyed to if this would have happened to me to, seems like ALL the brand are missing some things, something to do with commercial stuff..

Btw North's microloops still breaking...

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Postby consumer » Mon Oct 10, 2005 3:08 pm

Phillipp wrote:
Is that all you have to say....
yes cuz the whole discussion was blown wayyyyyyy out of proportion.

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Postby Nico » Tue Oct 11, 2005 12:09 pm

What's this ?
Moved or not ?

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Postby acull2000 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:58 pm

Is anyone still active in this thread? I recently aquired a 2006 bar (as a spare 5th element bar for my Vegas) and need to make the mod to the line. The previous link is dead - can anyone send pictures of the mod to acull2000 [at] please?



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