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Postby MissionMan » Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:34 am

the conditions on the day were hardly gusty. consistent 15-18 knots, enough to have me powered on my 12. if I knew I'd be hit by a 45 knot gust, trust me I wouldn't have been out, or I would have at least picked a smaller kite. The reality is I won't go out if the wind is gusting over 35, its just not my idea of fun.

Incidentally, the last time I was hit by a 45 knot gust was kiting inland, I was lofted and managed to pull my QR before I hit shore so I landed in water, a friend was dragged up onto shore, and his fiance spent a month in a coma after she was lofted and came down on her head and had swelling on the brain.

Yes, C kites have improved in range but the main reason for this is because of the range in the bows, the C kites were forced to improve to survive.

And my kite flags onto a front line with a below the line attachment and no fifth line similar to the rev.

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Postby toyletbowl » Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:44 am

Experimental player wrote:
rafjaf wrote:I have to say that in some way I agree with Experimental Player,
I started kitesurfing with C kites and my progression was really slow for 6 months. I then bought bow kites and rode them for a year. I absolutely loved them, thought that they were the future of the sport and the best thing out there. I progressed at such a speed compare to my previous experience with the C kites. However in the space of 1 year I had :
- 1 selflaunch were thebridle got tangled on the wingtip resulting in death spiral : Fair enough you can say it was my fault I should have double checked properly when I selflaunched.
- 1 line breaking on me on the bar pulley : honestly you really couldn't see that the line was weared off.
- 5 front pulley broke while flying resulting in death spiral: for 4 of them it happened while riding or at landing so nothing bad really happened, for one of them i was boosting on high wind and the front pulley broke on the top of the jump which must have been easily 20 feet high. The kite looped 2 times before i was smacked and winded out on the water, thank god the water was waist deep and i was able to stand up.
Since then I've never trusted any kites with pulleys anymore and I'm back to C kite and fifth line.

Now I have to add that I've always ride in suicide mode or freesstyle mode as they call it because there was no 5th line system in those bow kite. And to be honest I might have been beggining but there was no way I was riding a kite i just bought and not be able to unspin the bar after rotation.
So i suppose my example is a bit specific, if your bow kite does have a fifth line that's a big plus because at least you can totally depower the kite and do rotation and don't have to sacrifice one for another.
However you still have the problem of the pulleys and they should definitely do something about it. You can't sell a product knowing that the weakest point in it result in a death spiral.
How often a line break on a C kite honestly? Not as often as a pulley on a bow.
At least Cabrinha seems to be innovativing in this one with the IDS, from what they say, if the front line pulley brake you can still totally depower the kite. That's great.

And I just want to finish by saying that in no way i hate bow kite or people riding it, honestly i couldn't care less what kite people are using. It's just that, from my experience, I don't feel safe riding kite with pulleys anymore and no-one can go on the water throwing jumps and tricks not trusting his equipment.


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