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Why are posts about Switch kites deleted? Shame on you Toby!

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Dimitri M
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Re: Why are posts about Switch kites deleted? Shame on you T

Postby Dimitri M » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:51 pm

Sorry for the delay but the XXS "SPEEDO" that you order from us few weeks ago will be shipped to you in few days. We did not have any XXS in stock so we had to special make one for you.

P.S. Let us know what you think once you get it. It should hold that small package of yours really well.
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Re: Why are posts about Switch kites deleted? Shame on you T

Postby Konza » Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:36 pm

eree wrote: so, Konza, once LIQUID FORCE paid for banner all of its pimps have free will to spread the "wisdom" here for ever?
Actually I don't see much LF pimps around here.
don't you think it alienates the users who are not in the white boots and heavy and high rocker boards?
Why should it? Let's be honest: Boots are awesome but if you don't like them LF offers some nice straps and pads (most people say that they're the best on the market) for you and even some nice light flat noodles to put them on ;) You should try them if you have the chance.
heavy kites also not are the favorites. not every kf user live and kite at the Gorge.
What do you mean with "heavy" kites? I don't live at the gorge or any other thermal spot. Actually I ride at one of the most tidal spots in the world.
i can delete the ad banners (it is not my objective), but i can not delete covered ads spread by users like you
My posting are no "covered ads". Actually I ride LF cause I like their stuff. Since I ride for a shop that sells various brands (Slingshot, Ozone, Core and Flysurfer) I could easy get deals (which were sometimes actually better) on them too. I even own a switchkite combat too:)

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