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North Dice Vs Cabrinha FX - Versus Ep 17

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North Dice Vs Cabrinha FX - Versus Ep 17

Postby Toby » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:23 pm

North Dice Vs Cabrinha FX - Versus Ep 17

Dice: ... ding-kite/

FX: ... ding-kite/

The Dice is going to have a touch more bar pressure and a more direct feel. Making the Dice a solid tool for freestyle riders. It's also going to have a faster tighter turning speed and radius. Making it very easy to generate board speed. It’s important to remember that kites like this don’t have the same low-end as freeride kites so you’ll need to work the kite to build up speed in order to jump or pop.

The FX has slightly lighter bar pressure and a somewhat damp feel in the bar. What I mean by this is it’s almost like having a shock absorber. This is actually a common trait in most of Cabrinha's line up. There is a slightly disconnected feeling from the kite that I actually really enjoy. You’re going to feel the gusts less when hooked in and it will offer a somewhat smoother ride. However, when you unhook the Fx does take on a more direct feel needed for those unhooked freestyle tricks.

The FX has a bit more power in the loop while the Dice has a tighter slightly less powerful loop. Now, this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want to get out of your ride. The power throughout the loop in the FX makes it a powerful tool for mega-loopers out there but that said, this actually gives the Dice an edge in the waves or for riders who want to learn how to loop with slightly less pull.

The FX tends to be a bit more forgiving and this likely has to do with the kite being less direct that the Dice. The more direct a kite is, the more it will respond to rider feedback.

Pop and Slack
This is where it gets a little complicated. With previous generations, there are some differences to be addressed and for 2018 this has all but been leveled out.

To sum up the 2017 and earlier, everything covered thus far applies and the takeaway is that the FX was a little better for unhooked riders, it had a touch more pop, it was easier to slack. Conversely, the Dice was a touch more well rounded. It didn’t quite have as much pop an slack as the FX but it did a little better in the waves.

In 2018 both of these kites have had some design changes.The 2018 Dice is actually a significant improvement over its predecessors. This is one of the few kites that have this much pop and slack and with its responsive steering that’s not going to pull you off a wave it makes for an impressive crossover kite.

The 2018 Fx has also seen some changes as well making it even more customizable and performance-minded than previous generations. It still just a touch more explosive than the Dice, albeit not much more in 2018. It still has more power in the loops, but what it makes up for in the loops it’s just a step behind in the waves.

The Take-Away
In summary, this is one of the few cases where I’ll tell you to make your choice off color because these kites are equally yoked. The main points to consider are with the FX, you get less bar pressure, a 14 m for the largest size, a more forgiving kite, a touch more pop and slack but not much more in the 2018 iterations.

While the Dice is more direct feeling for riders who like that fast direct C-kite feel. It’s more responsive, less delay. It’s easier to generate board speed. It performs better in the waves. The largest size is a 13m that still rides fairly close to its counterpart, the 14 FX

As always, this is an open forum so I welcome your feedback! Let me know if I missed something and let us know about your experiences on these kites. Tell us what you like and what you didn't like so people researching these kite hear what I had to say and what you had to say as well.

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Re: North Dice Vs Cabrinha FX - Versus Ep 17

Postby Lemonma » Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:49 am

Great review!
I had a 2017 12m Dice and it was amazing!! Smooth, quick turns very nice ride fill, even for longer downwinders!!

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Re: North Dice Vs Cabrinha FX - Versus Ep 17

Postby DietKiter » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:53 am

I totally agree with you! ... and I personally prefer cabrinha colors / graph. :)

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