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Advice on getting new lines/splicing. flysurfer infinity 2 bar.

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Advice on getting new lines/splicing. flysurfer infinity 2 bar.

Postby twig » Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:19 pm

I broke one of my frontlines (all of them are weared out) and I have to fix new ones including FLS endline for my one and only bar: flysurfer infinity 2.0, before I can kite again - and so I have to act now not to miss alot of kiting days.

I've been kititng for 2 years and am between novice and intermediate. I've known how the bar works for a long time but just recently looked closer at all different parts and seen how they work in detail.
I have the ambition to learn about splicing and be able to make my own setups but the cost of lines is making me step back and think before I invest...

Some info about my bar:
My infinity 2 bar is a bit modified with a 4:1 race depower wich have some line extensions for the steeringlines and for the FLS endline - to fit the race depower in there. This was made by the owner before me.
Whith my setup the FLS Endline has been somewhat slacking as the picture shows.

Maybe this is not how it's meant to be with the original fs setup? Anyway it worked for a long time like that.

So my questions are:

To learn something and to save some money:
Is it a good choice to buy cheaper lines and splice my own ends/loops?
I need to make a connection for an FLS endline in the middle of a normal liros line.(make my own frontline that would work like flysurfers original) plus then make my own FLS Endline somehow.

Any tips on how to do this?
The brummel splice that is shown here by Gunnar B:
Would the splices work just as fine as those coming with original prespliced lines you can buy? Is it the exact same technique?
Is the brummel lock not the only part that is holding the splice? why does it help to have a long end of a line inside the other, i menan as fast as the brummel lock is teared the rest is just sliding out right?

Or would you recommend to just stick with the original lines?
Pros and cons with splicing your own lines?

Im happy for any Advice or knowledge you have

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Re: Advice on getting new lines/splicing. flysurfer infinity 2 bar.

Postby OzBungy » Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:40 am

The cheapest and easiest thing to do is buy some lines from Switch kites. ... lines.html

Just about everything you need to know about splicing is in the topic that discussed Gunnar's video. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2399424

In short, Gunnar's suggestion is fine as a starting point, but it's very half-baked and quite wrong in some ways.

In short, it's cheap and easy to buy Dyneema and make lines. You will probably end up with better quality than standard purchased lines.

It's also cheap and easy to splice up lines. But you really need to have your brain engaged when you do it. It takes a little practice and you have to be analytical when you're practicing. it's not hard and once you have acquired the skill then you can solve almost all problems you will encounter.

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Re: Advice on getting new lines/splicing. flysurfer infinity 2 bar.

Postby foilholio » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:40 am

If your lines broke at the ends, which is very common, it is perfectly fine to resplice them and continue use. You can even cut out a bad spot of wear and splice it together. In all cases you will either need to shorten the opposite line and retrim, or add an extension.

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Re: Advice on getting new lines/splicing. flysurfer infinity 2 bar.

Postby Kamikuza » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:01 am

Liros lines (used by FSer) are thinner for a given strength than regular lines. You can just order new lines from FSer and make extensions out of your old lines...

FLS will be slack because the bungy keeping it tight (at the top of the line) has stretched. Don't shorten the FLS or it can end up taking over the load, through the little loop spliced into the front line. Bad!

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