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What makes a jump drop fast?

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Re: What makes a jump drop fast?

Postby Chris_Kite » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:22 am

I had a similar problem with dropping like a stone. I thought I wasn't redirecting kite hard enough and found I could save the landing with a panic kite loop.

The real problem was that I was jumping way to far downwind meaning I went under the kite leaving it outside the wind window and requiring a dramatic redirect to save it.

The answer for me was to keep looking upwind at the point of take off. Body goes where head goes. So if you turn to look at the kite at point of take off you lose your edge for split second and get slingshot forward. Might not be your problem but if you feel like your not going straight up with jumps then it's worth considering.

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Re: What makes a jump drop fast?

Postby Jukka » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:29 am

A follow up from a session yesterday with a lot of shitty jumps. For the first time I got to see my jumps afterwards from a video.
Holy shit! It was like taking the advice from this thread and then making a "common mistakes" section to a learning video :lol: .

Positive points were being able to edge quite well and doing a small pop making jump direction up. Not much forward or downwind movement in air.

Negative points:
- THE REDIRECT. It was amazing to see how different it looked on video compared to what I thought it would look like. Redirect was weak as hell and really late. I was already close to water before the kite started to even actually turn.
- The kite went badly upwind behind my back and front stalled.
- I sent the kite too much past 12 and held it there.
- I started often rotating slowly forward and then landed on my back. This might be due to keeping the kite too far behind 12 and not redirecting, right? Would make sense when the kite is pulling towards back foot direction and also behind my back.

It was good to see how obvious mistakes I make and can now try to correct them.
Next step should be addressing the redirect and then see how much correcting that helps also other issues.

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Re: What makes a jump drop fast?

Postby Barryg101 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:00 pm

I have been landing like a rock too recently and have used some of my friends kites and noticed the landings were much softer and smooth.

I checked the trimming on my bar and noticed that my outside lines (steering lines) were much shorter than my centre lines . So when my kite is fully sheeted in it would cause a backstall of the kite . I mostly ride powered up but when I jump I have that bar fully in .

Could this also be a factor to why you drop hard ? While in the air for a jump your actually over sheeted causing hard landings.

I trimmed my bar properly now and have noticed a big difference.

Could be completely wrong but curious if anyone else has this experience

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