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SS’s New Infinity Wings

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Re: SS’s New Infinity Wings

Postby gl » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:32 am

I cannot comment on whether area generally is good stat to go by but my h4 wing and the infinity 76 have close to the same area but the 76 is quite a bit wider and the 76 has much more lift and is far less turny. So maybe you have to take all the individual stats together to determine the wings performance. I only weigh 180 so I suspect that if I was heavier I could turn the 76 easier.
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Re: SS’s New Infinity Wings

Postby PugetSoundKiter » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:08 am

Found a good video review: ... /page/475/

Ran the audio thru :dumbo: then thru :cleanear: what a weird review...
Because of this we have the Infinity sash weight 1.4 kg bombed carbon fiber glass mix manufactured to deliver the finest performance here at the tiniest waves dentdeal 76 surprisingly starting process here a bit more difficult than at the in-house spacegate more powerful and easy through the entire system and higher weight it is simply physically difficult to control and requires a higher can the crossing of the waves in the displacement drive is not possible here then he does not make it very long it burns in short overall the whole team is already very difficult to get on it adjusted to get one too At the party this is an effect that applies to all big wings and even for all short masks in a cow that only increases once in flying in the stable bike one is amazed at the lightness and the precise concern of the flow even by whitewater and looking the wing goes well in the wave itself i short stall and the mirror catches up quickly even more than with the small wings you should pay attention to the driving technique is the principe to drive because the large span of the large area of course make side room and fittings of the shaft very strongly noticeable the optimal Kit size should not be too large, but it is also not so easy to come with a small circle on the hill so you can say that the scope of the calculus is less flexible than, for example with money or 633 H & M the Infiniti is wonderfully stable on the pizza on reaching the speedy slightly unstable than g633 the wing has not anyway as that is a little getting used to the well axis but not as pronounced as the spacegate on all sides is by the entire span the one very precise I want so that you do not catch too much air when the birds on the well on the side comes so you can put in the curve almost better than the spacegate but you have to pay attention to stay deep enough in the water on the Hunting it is infinity with the 71er absolute precise agility on the axles what amazing how sporty is relatively stretched with a not too deep profile equipped Infinity feels despite its size accelerated Infinity amazingly good the flow goes quickly and freely and it feels after kitesurfing at the lightning at the upper speed range a bit friendly however if you are not logged in DZB at spacegate which is amazing and probably due to the ass picture for free the Infiniti surprised us both that was not as easy to use as we thought as well as about the longshirt a lot it does not have one at all Look good and has turned into Rheine Soul surfing through the SS low speed and not quite as high acceleration device 633 were also more elaborate conditions very good manage fun without getting right into the cold flo anyway the acceleration was always high enough to keep up with the wave Slingshot Infinity is just the right wing for the soulfashion it may be a bit harder to use than the smallest, but handling in the wave is not easy you can compare it to a Malibu or a Grill not always 1 but only in this class and this one Size will make these types of waves to surf properly as injured entire territory of the grasps and opens up unimagined possibilities of the wave riding as already mentioned is convinced it should be between
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Re: SS’s New Infinity Wings

Postby TomW » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:45 pm

Oh man, Ss totally confusing everyone with that naming scheme.....
I look at it and lose all motivation.

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Re: SS’s New Infinity Wings

Postby BWD » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:07 pm

So true, makes you appreciate moses, lift, ketos etc — even though they sometimes can confuse, there is a comsistent system at least

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