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Wakestyle Kiteboarding vs Freestyle

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Wakestyle Kiteboarding vs Freestyle

Postby Toby » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:55 am

Wakestyle Kiteboarding vs Freestyle

All wakestyle is freestyle, but not all freestyle is wakestyle.

It’s a common question I hear and there are a few opinions floating around on the topic. Kiteboarding borrows from a lot of sports! There are plenty of crossovers from surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. And of course, there is the unique big air aspect of our sport. It’s one of the most versatile sports out there. It’s all season, all terrain, it's whatever you make of it.

In this weeks video, we break down everything you need to know about wakestyle kiteboarding and freestyle kiteboarding.

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Re: Wakestyle Kiteboarding vs Freestyle

Postby longwhitecloud » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:09 am


One of the negative things about free style sports recently is the way they corrupt teh very definition of free style and home in on a niche and limit creativity and often increase the entry cost. But i get why wake style kiteboarding is a niche - gas money or more like cable park fees..! Look at Street League skateboarding, exciting for a short time and now watching competitors ride on it is like watching paint dry - always the same - much the same as most competitive kiteboarding today actually (particularly the sailing funded GKA events - sailing's ambition is to turn kiteboarding into something that fits in with olympic standards to achieve their funding- but those standards are not what the sport was based on ). So now with olympic skateboarding looming you have a situation where councils worldwide are asking if their new skatepark is going to be olympic spec. Now that is the most ridiculous thing ever. Skateparks are not cricket pitches, soccer pitches or tennis courts - the fun is that they are all different. This difference in parks leads to an increase in free style variation possibilities, which to me is the thing I like.

Free style is the very essence of these sports however they are becoming watered down with rewritten histories often by those who stand to benefit financially unfortunately. They also get bent out of shape as sports develop - look back at freestyle skateboarding - at the time (1960s and 70s) it was free style - all they could do at teh time to be creative.. but as the sport developed to more creative ways (ramps and obstacles) - the term should have changed to flatland skateboarding - which is a term people do actually use (i like it better).

I'm keeping my definition of freestyle - free style , it's what I always loved about these sports. IMO - you niche them - they will become become less exciting and less popular as that appeal is lost. More like competitive ice skating - less progressive too.

I see competitive wakestyle kiteboarding following the same path as wakeboarding when it comes to competition - becoming more and more niche - especially in the scoring of competitive tricks that they had to set rules to make riders creative again (in wakeboarding) - ie not doing all mobes. I don't like to watch it other than the final couple of rounds - just nothing new. It's sterile in its lack of free style IMO

That is pretty sad.


By the way. You can't do an indy grab going forwards! Come on now. It was always know as frontside grab until the internet arrived with a bunch of clueless snowboarders! #fakenews

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