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Carbon wing and mast repairs - materials - Short Survey

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Carbon wing and mast repairs - materials - Short Survey

Postby cwood » Wed Nov 17, 2021 1:31 pm

Hey all, been riding carbon in rocky locations for years now (also have the wife on carbon) and a few times a year have repairs to do. Some scrapes that are easily taken care of with glazing compound but when you get a deeper gouge you have to go with more material. Thickened west system is great and I always have six ten on hand because its super convenient and pre-thickened. It does, however, dry very hard (big surprise) and is messy to work with mixing etc. and overkill for dings and dents. I have started to leave it to stuff that needs structural integrity like splits or when carbon cloth is needed.

I found a method that is much easier, has a nice long cure time and when hard is very sandable and paintable. Its very strong but not as hard when cured as epoxy resin based materials and for filling voids it is great as it wet sands very well to a smooth finish. My only gripe is that all the stuff I have found dries to a white or light grey. I don't go through the hassle of painting, so things start to look a bit odd.....a trade off I am ok with given the ease of use.

I am thinking about a product that is suited to DIY carbon foil repairs and am looking for info from foilers on their repair practices. If you have a few seconds I would value your input on 4 questions:

Thanks for your input!

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