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Stoner pulls his bonner

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Stoner pulls his bonner

Postby fokiten » Fri Jun 24, 2005 4:52 pm

stoner wrote:
Off topic? Maybe,,,,, probably,,,, but you won't win friends if you arc up about it. I'm just trying to follow your stilted brainspace mate (the stuff you say, but don't realise you say)

Check this for instance
fokiten wrote:
Our slingshot dude is all pimped out, he's the main reason I'm ain't hype anti growth anit promo;
the poor sap believed him, launched his new 12,,,BAM parapaligic

That tragic event took place three years ago...

First I've heard of this. I've been reading here for over three years.

It appears this is the first time you've mentioned it here... I did a "fokiten" search for paraplegic/paralyzed/paralysed/etc... even searched for parapaligic Nothing. BUT... the events surrounding this tragic injury are the main reason you hype your anti-hype hate

More self-serving BS,,,eh? Do tell? What else you got? I mean, most kiteboarders would have brought this up sooner so we could learn from it... and you call yourself a safety guy What else you got?

I'm not aware who my local SS rep is (or if he's an nice person) but I have seen guys with the SS spreader gizmo... looked like a gizmo. I'm sure it works fine... if you've got the latest trigger release version. These types of releases have been tried before haven't they?

I've got a homemade 3-ring release and use it everytime I self land my twinskin. But that's not my safety.

My safety is a good spot with open space and smooth cross-on wind. It's not the closest spot but it's worth the drive. I need my space... I'm a kitesurfer not a rockclimber.
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Postby fokiten » Sun Jun 26, 2005 5:43 am

stoner wrote:Don't mind fokiten. He's got baggage... bad times from the past... he's still cut up about it. It's given him the fear and caused him to plateau. Would rather plant himself near a lake out back'o'nowhere... can't bring himself to uproot and follow cherry wind. Internet's all a guy has got these days... the Internet, a pack of ciggies, a cup of coffee... the Internet and the fear. All a guys got...

Still cut up... can't bring himself to talk about it. Just one time in three years. Bad incident at the lake... now paralysed with fear. No mojo... just memories. Some nice person pimpin rep stokes newbie on trainer... then sells him the loaded gun... BAM! Now he's parapaligic!!!. Can't talk about it.

No pussy lessons for newbies anymore. They got to take their chances like the rest of us. Any newbs turning up to Lake Fear out the back'0'nowhere get no help... fokiten's too cut up to help... bad memories... paralysed with fear. Will sit by and watch the newb get slammed... because they have to get slammed... sooner or later. He's seen it all before...

Im collecting these here,,

Let's see what developes...

Will he be able to pull himself up and seek cherry wind???

Stay tuned....

the next> " life of fo" a serial story shall continue

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Postby stoner » Sun Jun 26, 2005 9:14 am

Wow :D My own thread... and it gets sent straight to Flamers Paradise :cooltext:

I've been doing some collecting of my own :thumb:
fokiten wrote:Hey,, the only guy to get hurt [at my spot] was taking a beach lesson from an """instructor""",, he is now banned from teaching at our spot.
This must be about the poor fellow that was crippled? Hey, if the instructor (he must be that SS rep) was banned from your spot...???... what are you doing offering him your HF to test? FFS! Do you want a Best rep at your spot too???? Surely you can see this grafter is going to start pimping the shit out of it to >> let's face it >> to highly impressionable people. :-?

Oh, well... enough said I suppose. I don't want to start a war with you. I'm just another swinging dick ;) Look... as a gesture of goodwill I'll let you have the last word :bye:
fokiten wrote:A safe kiter kites for fun,,,kites in the best spots only,,,rides the best gear,,and is not afraid of his kite or his ability to think and see dangerous shit and avoid it,,He/She respects the power of nature and takes command of the situation,,,Gay's and fairy's afraid of themselves and their gear should stay home and post on kite forums instead,,any swinging dick can spot the fear in the post and ignore them,,

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Postby fokiten » Sun Jun 26, 2005 9:41 am

No no no,,

You don't get off that easy,,

We need the next chapter...

I posted this HERE it didn't get moved here.

Our spot is a no teaching zone,,,NO One is allowed to $$$ teach there.

It's your thread use it stoner

Bring it on, let's check you, checking me out..

Build something AGAINST ME,, bet you can't

Example of you not doing so well:

that quote is not mine,, It's me quoting another poster?

I think?,,,post a link to the original and let's look at it in context..

I embrace the challenge,, please do invest in me...

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Postby stoner » Sun Jun 26, 2005 10:55 am

Bugger... I wanted to let it rest... ok, gee... nothin else to do... frikken global warming.

You want context? No time for context here mate. This is the age of endless instant information. There is an ocean of info out there for those willing to look... but I am just a man standing on the beach, watching it wash around my feet... leaving only shallow pools to reflect on. If you want context it's your prerogative to find it... or not. Dive in... just make sure you choose a deep spot.

So, following on from your quote...
Gay's and fairy's afraid of themselves and their gear should stay home and post on kite forums instead

Question: What are you doing pimping "click, buy" kites >> WW & Bset << on kite forums?

You know genXBox groms are out there looking in. You know the internet safety guys (RickI, Hung, Tom183, fokiten etc.) have given them all the tips and insider knowhow they need to hook their lines up correctly and launch that sucka.

GenXBox groms are hardcore... they grew up jumping skateboards and BMX in the park... not afraid of a stack... been there done that... got it on video mate... priceless :thumb: Time to fire up the turbo hot hatch... kites in the back... downloaded rigging instructions in the kitebag... put the foot down and feel the boost kick in... no time for context...

No pussy kite beach lessons for these guys. You got that bit right.
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Postby selassie » Sun Jun 26, 2005 11:03 am

10Ksystem.jpg (68.17 KiB) Viewed 2104 times

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Postby fokiten » Sun Jun 26, 2005 5:54 pm


Well best sent me an 11 yarga FREE and I flew it, It's a great kite.

My rockstar buddy flew it,, he said "tell them I'll ride for them if they like, that kite rocks (he rides for another brand, he's a rockstar.

Windwing>> I'm telling you straight up THAT RAPTURE KITE is by FAR the best SCHOOL kite ever made.

You can turn that sucker ALMOST competely OFF by just sheeting out.

Let's be clear,,I'm not saying it's substandard NO! I'm saying it's so FAR ADVANCED in terms of range that it's the ONLY kite I'd recomend for a FIRST time experience...

That's the truth...

It's a perfect storm kite, a BREAKTHRUOGH design.

I've no financial interest in either brand...

On safety freaks:

Those folks you mentioned are different from me, they are trying to play both sides,,make no enemies...Be popular,etc.

Me? I don't give a flying f*** I say what I want to say...fuc-um all

I stand or fall on the merits alone,,,,not my personality

It's good to be me
Next issue?

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Postby fokiten » Sat Jul 02, 2005 2:32 am

stoner wrote:
fokiten wrote:,,,plus this is a holiday weekend,,no sailing for me on holidays,,it's just too crowded at our tiny fucked up piece O' crap no wind spot...
That should be no problem (if you get wind). You guys have got boats and feel more comfortable offshore anyway... yeah, I think I read that somewhere.

Sounds like your upholsterer is a top gun (he schedules appointments). He'll fix it. Then you might want to reinforce that whole weak seam - maybe with a hot glue gun and a patch like the yachties do. Your call.

I'm hoping you'll get it fixed so it can :hah: explode again.

Seems stoner while pulling on his bonner fantasizes about bad luck comming my way...

At least when he's jacking off he's not thinking "of" me...

That would be,,,? LOL...

Will fo be able to over come the trouble he's seen? and once again seek "cherry wind."

Stay tuned for the next installment in "The life of fo" a serial story dreamed by stoner as he pulls on his bonner...


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Postby stoner » Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:10 pm

I'm beginning to worry about you.

You ended your second last message looking forward to the next issue. Seemed innocent enough... until you began your last message with imagery of me badgering the witness (the witness is called boner btw... which rhymes with stoner). Now I understand what you mean by "issue" >> to flow forth!! Eewwww! :shock: And here you are, actively trying to lure me away from the bright lights of main street... no doubt so you can pursue your "issues" in the "back alley" (Flamers Paradise indeed!). I'm appalled... but somehow strangely excited. :arse:

Mock the cherry wind if you like... invite bad luck. I for one yearn for "time to spare from my work, and good weather" for it frees the mind and allows the body to soar. You on the other hand cite excuses to keep yourself planted in the sheltered lee of your crowded, tiny fucked up piece O' crap no wind spot out back'o'nowhere. I'll say it again, "it's your call". The cherry wind will only lead you to more painful encounters. Remember, there's nice person SS reps out there.

Luckily for you, a familiar face has come to your rescue. RickI, Hung and Tom183 were out kiting when the gee!-man came knocking on doors. He was looking for the next best safety hype representative. By a strange twist of lemon in a half empty glass of gin, next to a full ashtray, in the baleful glow of a cathode ray tube, stooped the cat that didn't give a flying f***. Fokiten was home (but the lights were out). Like Dax's stiff cock, fokiten was pulled into the gee!-man's greedy grasp by his well worn catch cry; "Do you wanna *FREE KITE*?". Fokiten was a pushover... in fact, he was violently bent over backwards by the force of his own anti-hype mojo recoiling against the latent hype seeping from the sonorous salesman. As the gee!-man handed over his silvern lure, his tone changed. In a sinister voice he said, "Welcome to the farked ride. You'll speak for us now."

P.S. I no longer have a personal interest in your "exploding issues" (I know what you mean now :shock:). If it happens again and you feel guilty afterwards, it's probably because your hot glue gun couldn't shoot a heavy load at that spongey wobblefish. Go cry on your upholsterer's shoulder.

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Postby fokiten » Sat Jul 02, 2005 8:09 pm


I'll take starting to worry about me,,over obssesively fantasizing about me anyday.

Fans are nice but freaks are quite different matter...

I think the hellfish might be a real fun kite,,,

The free part doesn't seem to bother me, go figure?

It's back up (repaired) and once again in the starting rotation,,,

I have to guess the world has had enough reveiws on this proto-13 fish by now,,

So I'll just sail it as it is,,, or maybe see if I can change the tow point and somehow adjust that faulty AOA..

Hey it's fun to tweak kites,,,especially high performance kites....

Free high performance kites are easiest of all to take liberties with,,,

I just don't see a negative side here??

Maybe the weather here lately,, it Has sucked,,,

I don't know what's going on,, Global warming? I just don't know,,,,

I remain hopful

And PS. Main street,,back alley,,,anywhere,,I'm still more than a few steps ahead of you; even on your "best" day...wink


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