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RRD 2003 Airtype

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RRD 2003 Airtype

Postby Toby » Fri Feb 07, 2003 6:52 pm


Had a chance to fly both RRD's 2003 offers today. The 16m Airtype (replaces the supertype) and the 16m type 5(replaces the type 4.1)

Conditions where 14-15 knots building to 16-17 gusting 23-23 open ocean small swell 115kgs and 150*40 tray

These are intial impressions on the RRD's based on 3 hours riding. I have got them for a a few days so i will let you know what i think of them by the end of it.

Construction is "bomber" way better than my grandmuthas undies. If you throught Caution has good leading edge to strut reienfoecment and profiles check out the RRD's. Nice panel layout on the Airtype span wise panels along the LE and then transverse panels running out to the leech. Doubled up sail cloth along the Leech. Leading edge is segmented (more so on the Airtype) and has only one seam which is tucked up under the canopy. the seam is raised but the sail cloth is protected by a rubber wear strip (similar to the Airush trio)which should stop canopy wear.

The Airtype has seven struts and are well reinforced on the ends best i have seen. The tip batterns are removable and heaps stiff than last years. Both kites have Two attachment points front and back and even instructions for dumbarses like me with more/less power fast/slow printed on the tips. Grab handles are cut out of the tips. The LE on the air type is noticably smaller diameter than last years. One inflation point and a big dump valve in the center of the LE and another inflation point at the tip.

Didnt come with a bar so cant comment. Flew both kites on a 60 cm bar and 25m lines

In the air

The air type
If you look at this and the rhino2 in the sky they look very simular. There is a good amount of foil in the struts. the kites are more C shaped than the U shaped Supertype and fly very different to the suppers. It likes to be flown more of the fronts than the ST. I think it turns slower than the ST 16. This kite likes power and when the wind built it started to feel better. I need a few more days on this to adapt to its flying style it was throwing my timing right out in jumps and transitions. But it seems to lack the pop/lift of the supper type. I seemed to get more hang in the jumps but defenitly less height. Basically i didnt jump on this kite and go wow its heaps better than the ST.

Sorry its a long post did ya all make it to the end. Will fly the airtype more and let you guys know how it goes.

Cheers Shane

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Postby Guest » Wed Mar 26, 2003 11:20 pm

Shane. Seems weired that you got a hold of those kites before the specs for the final production were sent to the factory. Where did you get to try one? The only way that the new 2003 RRD kites do what you are describing is if they are way under inflated. The description you have given me are a long way from what I have found flying my Airtypes. The Airtype has a huge windrange, small movement on the bar from 0 power to full power, at least the lift vertically of the supers and by far a huge increase in hang time. The 16 Airtype is definitly faster than the 16 supertype and handles a much greater wind range. The relaunch is as easy as any low aspect kite I have ever flown. I would reccomend getting a hold of a production Airtype, ensuring it is inflated well and trying again. AS for the type 5's... I flew a proto 2 months before you flew that one and it was a great kite. No jellyfishing, great depower range and an excellent kite for waves for the advanced guys or anywhere from beginner to advanced all round kite. Awesome attention to detail and a strong long life expectancy kite. Go see if the final product is better than whatever it was you tried.
Happy winds.
Aloha Royce.

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