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Punta Cana - Dominicanian Republic

Forum for kitesurfers
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Postby Toby » Mon Dec 17, 2001 10:48 pm

sure Marina, your are more than welcome to!
And hopefully we will hear a lot from you!

Humans are individuals and therefore different in what they want or like.

For sure I prefer to go to places where other kiters are around, just for safety reasons. But if it gets too crowed I don't like it. Then we have to find other spots, and I believe there are many out there!
Did you see the pics from Antigua?

Nice day!

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Postby rO » Wed May 22, 2002 5:03 pm

For me, the only special thing about Cabarete is that the wind picks up little-by-little after a.m. The chop&bump,the pick-pockets,the coke-hookers and smelly moto's I can do without.
I had much more fun at 'el portillo' witch is just a bit east from LasTerenas/peninsula Samana. Mirror glassy water, shallow, very nice reef (bigger and wider than Cabarete)
The scenary is great, but there's no partyin', no crowds too. In feb.02 we where the only wakestylers around witch was good, because we have to keep our 2liners low and that is not anywhere near possible at kitebeach Cabarete.
So, there's a lot to explore on samana, but the wind in dec-jan-1/2feb in quite inconsistent.
The best time for Samana is june-august.
If you go to LasTerenas, bring your partner, it's a romantic place!

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Postby Guest » Wed May 22, 2002 7:05 pm

Winds have been unusually strong in Cabarete for May, in the 25-30knot range. There have been maximum 10 kitesurfers on the water in the last two weeks. There is a reason why the kitesurfing schools are located in Cabarete and why those who have tried to open schools/center in Las Terrenas and Punta Cana have failed. Wind is NOT consistent in these areas. However, one can look at wind sites and guestimate pretty well if other areas will be on. Las Terrenas and Punta Cana will be more consistent in the summer months because of thermic conditions. Luperon, Salina, Monte Cristi are also good sites for wind but no infrastructure if something happens. If kitesurfing in Las Terrenas one must be experienced and know where to go. There are shallow reefs everywhere. Last month we went to Samana area and the wind was not coming in all the way to the shore. We ended up taking a boat to Bacardi Island (Cayo Levato or something similar to this name) and had an awesome time, however, this was unusual too as usually the island has 100's of tourists and beach is covered with sunworshippers. We also got a great session in at Playa Rincon in Las Galleras (by Las Terrenas) but locals tell us that the wind usually does not come all the way in to the bay. My point is, Cabarete is the best place to go in the DR for wind. It was never a great destination for windsurfing according to the locals, but is ideal for kitesurfing. In the winter, as anywhere in the world during the winter, conditions are rougher.

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Postby cglazier » Wed May 22, 2002 7:43 pm

I went to D.R, twice last year. On one trip we spent a week in Punta Cana at the Club Med. Very light wind, flat water ..but dangerously shallow. The beach staff said that they just don't often get very good wind there.

But in two seperate weeks I had in Cabarete there was great wind for kiting. And I am told that is normal. It is crowded only for those who do their jumps a few feet from shore. We kited in some fun wave areas where there was tons of room. Marina and Stafan were nice and helpful. I met good people and everyone I kited with had a great time.

Having said all that, I too look forward to seeing new kiting destinations discovered. But unfortunately, they rarely seem to build nice accomodations at windy beaches.

Chris G

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