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Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby toyletbowl » Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:25 pm

we have a 9m CB IDS coming today or tomorrow and will post impressions once it's been on the water. these days, i'll be able to tell quickly if it's a great kite. i have some feedback from others already, but want to ride it between me and a few others before making any conclusions.

looking forward to riding this puppy.


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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby Galeltic » Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:44 pm

Kosh wrote:
Experimental player wrote:Bow kites dont relaunch from quick release? WTF!
Thats no advancement from a 2001 kite.u are wrong so Only cabrinha bow or sb can do water relaunch, very quickly after release than 5 th lines kite :naughty: :jump: :bye:

5th line kite have been relaunching from safety release for years.


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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby randykato » Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:59 pm

Is there any word out there about when they'll be available? It sounds like there are a lot of demos in people's hands, so it seems like a release date may be imminent.

I'm itching for the new XBow - my XBow I just blew out a strut (in flight, no stress on it at the time) - so it's time. Unfortunately, I had to send it off for an urgent repair as I leave for Hawaii next week.

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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby ronnie » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:43 pm

I was surprised to see that the Crossbow 4 is not supplied with the stopper on the powerline, for clipping the depower adjuster to. Apparently the reason is potential wear on the IDS depower line. I'm guessing this was a late change, because they have designed a landing line guide which fits below the bar to guide the line without wearing it. Surely they could easily redesign the holder for the elastic adjusters to restore their full function and guide the line too without undue wear?

Having just ordered an IDS Xbow, I would like to know if they are working on this and if so, will it be a free upgrade?

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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby Dave_5280 » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:31 am

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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby Windfreeeek » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:00 pm


Can somebody please explain what the REAL difference is between the F-One, Takoon & Slingshot ? We are talking about a basic bar right but without a decent stopper?

From what I have seen the following is true?

1. You let go of the bar whilst riding and the kite falls out of the sky?

YES / NO / At least it doesn't invert?

2. You crash riding a wave and the bar is ripped out of your hand..... the kite flags, falls into the water and is torn in half?

YES / NO / It broke anyway on impact?

3. You are being sold a 2008 Kite with a NEW bar?

Yes / No / Actually it is a 2006?

Would be a great survey :thumb:


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Re: Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Postby robert007 » Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:47 pm

kitezilla wrote:It won’t be long now, before we will be getting user reports on the functionality and safety of the new “four line with fifth line function” control systems such as that on the new Cabrinha and North kites.

I have put out a request on the 2 NW kite forums, that reports on the new control “safety” system be posted. Hopefully, someone will test the feasibility and safety of the “deep-water self-rescue” procedure needed to bring these kites down and get them in hand, during an emergency self-rescue.

Here are the threads to follow, for those interested in this unique and possibly “ground-breaking” new kite control system. ... e6a0f89f35

So far, Cabrinha has not referred to the IDS as a “safety” system, and North has implied in their ad for the Evo, that the 5th line system is still the safest.

Here is a copy of my request, which I posted on the above forums:

“For those of you Puget Sound Kite participants and lurkers, who have an interest in all things kite-technical, here is a link to a thread, on NWKite forum (including a link to Kiteforum), where the new Cabrinha IDS kite control system is discussed.

Here is a copy of my request, posted on that forum, which I would like to extend to viewers of this forum:

"Here is the short version of my request that someone demo the new IDS system and report back to us:

The IDS control system is being promoted as having “4-line bridle kite simplicity with 5th-line safety.” The system appears to be very similar to that of the 2007 F-one Delta-C kite, and appears to be the same as that of the new North Evo.

My request is that someone investigate this feature of the new Cabrinha IDS kite. I am not requesting that someone post a complete review of the performance of the new Crossbow, in that I believe that sort of review goes against NWKite forum policy, and only serves to initiate and fuel a “my kite brand can beat up your kite brand” pimping squabble. Let’s leave that BS to other kite-forums. I am limiting my request to that of the relative effectiveness of the “safety system”. It would be nice to have the Cabrinha representative demonstrate the recommended procedure to be used with the IDS system in performing a “deep water self-rescue” procedure, paying particular attention to the importance of keeping the lengths and tensions of the two lines equal."

Please post this message on any other local kite forums, where you feel that interested kiters might demo these kites and report back to us.

Thanks for the help in exploring this new development in kiteboarding technology.
I follow these now, thank you for the share.

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