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Brazil / Venezuala question and Uruguay report

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Brazil / Venezuala question and Uruguay report

Postby coley11 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:24 pm

Hello all,

Currently myself and a couple of friends are in South America doing a bit of kiting,
our next destination is Florianopolis (brazil) for carnival and some kiting, but we are
unsure of where to go for kiting march - may, our thoughts are prob with Margarita (venezuala) at this stage, but if anyone has any suggestions for a flat water/wave spots closer or even in brazil then that would be great. I know that Cumbuco is good from June, but we really need somewhere before then.

Also, if anyone is interested about kitesurfing in Uruguay:

We just spent 2 weeks near Punta del este in Uruguay, and did some kiting there. The best flat water spots are near Lagoon de Garzon, which is about 40 minutes north of Punta del este. We were staying in La barra, which is 20 min nth of Punta del este so only 20min from the lagoon. It is an excellent flat water spot right next to the coast, it wasnt too crowded and there are plenty of spots for learning. However, the wind was pretty inconsistant for Jan, with prob less than 50% days were kiteable. The entire coast is kiteable, but the ocean water can be a little cold - saying that i was kiting in only boardshorts the entire time. I kited the famous Bikini beach a couple of times, its crowded with beaches goers but there are launch and land spots behind all the beach goers.
The only reason i kited there we due to its close proximity, however the lagoon to the north was a shit tin better. If you dont have a vehicle then hitchhiking is the way to go, plus you get to meet a few locals that way, which is what i did. The nightlife is pretty good in Punta, prices can be high though, and the crowd can be a little young i.e 18, so it made this 28 yo feel old.
If anyone wants any further info on Uruguay drop me a line.

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Re: Brazil / Venezuala question and Uruguay report

Postby Toby » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:54 pm

March could be good in Ceara (Cumbuco, Jeri, Fortaleza etc) this year...locals keep repeating, that the rainy season will be short...this means good winds. Right now the winds are excellent.
So keep checking the forecasts and see if it is raining or not.
Don't trust the wind forecast, since it normally is less, then it actually is. (e.g.: Saturday was 13 knots forecast, but we had 20+)

So, have an eye on the rain forecast.

George Bohn
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Re: Brazil / Venezuala question and Uruguay report

Postby George Bohn » Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:40 am

come to venezuela! this season is the best since years...everyday lots of wind. check coche and los places for kiting! aswel give it a thought to go with your friends on a sailyacht to discover the unknown and nicest spots of the caribbean. if you are interested have a look: cheers george

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Re: Brazil / Venezuala question and Uruguay report

Postby Waldo » Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:55 am

We are coming for 2 weeks around Easter, first half of April. I want to go to Coche and Los Roques. Flying from Paris to Caracas. How would you share 14 days between Margarita, Coche and Los Roques? Have been to Margarita and Coche before, never to Los Roques.
I have a place in El Yaque, still looking for a family friendly hotel in Coche and Los Roques. I have 3 daughters who don' tkite yet and just want a pool and probably a tennis court. Any recommendations?
Last question does it make sense to bring a waveboard or not? When I was there last time, people mentioned a wave spot on Margarita but we didn't go. I have no excess baggage problem when travelling with my 4 kids, maybe just a luggage problem for Los Roques with kite gear for me and my son?

(Hi Gorge, still in Venezuela? 2nd year in a row, no? We've seen each other a few times in Brazil, Knokke and Borssele. Regards to Ann.)

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