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Firewire Pivec models

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Firewire Pivec models

Postby robod » Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:33 am

Can anyone comment on the durability of the kite F.W. boards ?
Esp. in regard to riding them strapped.
Great boards but have they strengthened them enough for strapped riding!
Someone who has actually been riding them a couple a months please.

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Re: Firewire Pivec models

Postby felixp » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:06 pm

I have to say boards have been available for only 2 months now.
We have been getting really positive feed back on the models.
There are a bunch of guys here in Hawaii riding the boards with straps and have had no issues.
If you click onto the firewire kiteboard site and ask that same question you should get a response from someone other than my self fairly quick.
Hope you can give one a go soon.
Thanks for your interest.

Niall Barrett
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Re: Firewire Pivec models

Postby Niall Barrett » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:05 am

One of my mates has the 6'2 thruster and the quad. He rides strapped and both have heel dents after a summer of use in WA. The deck is divinycell and it crushes over time with repeated use. The next step will be the deck will crack and even if repaired the board will be heavier and structurally weaker.

The windsurfing market has been through all this before and understands the need for deck reinforcement, but then windsurf manufacturers have always offered warranties, surfboard manufacturers haven't.

Having said that i have ordered a 5'11 because the nev shapes and construction are so good otherwise. The solution is to put a layer or 2 of carbon under your heels fore and aft, preferably a rounded patch to avoid stress loading and changing the flex characteristics of your board, Extra glass wont cut it because it lacks carbon's stiffness and will not spread the load adequately and the sandwich will still crush over time . Naturally I am left asking why I am spending 900 bucks on a board that needs immediate reinforcement ? [fortunately I am able to do that myself other wise probably another 200 bucks.] Well the truth is virtually ALL manufacturer's kite surf boards in the current market are the same, and if you like me go through a windy WA summer and like to ride hard and strapped and do lots of aerials and hard lip smashes and weigh 90kgs, i think you will find the same thing. As for Felix saying they last....... well he is a lot lighter and rides unstrapped alot and probably changes boards more often than people paying for them.....and well he would say that wouldnt he!

Come on manufacturers and Nev in a particular ...... a few extra bucks spent at the factory on carbon reinforcement would see the boards last and last , but then we wouldn't have to keep buying new ones would we!

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Re: Firewire Pivec models

Postby Nico » Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:29 pm

Niall said it how it is.
I once had a manufacturer who bitched about his boards because they were too solid and did not break enough. I still got some of those 8 years later and still dent free.
That was in kitings early days.

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Re: Firewire Pivec models

Postby nofootbelts » Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:10 am

I have been kiting on the boards nonstop for over 6 -7 months now. All boards are solid and hold up well, best ever I have owned. They are incredible and I will rarely ever go back to a PU board...unless that is all I hav to ride!

I have not ridden strapped, so I can't comment. My boards though have BARELY any dents, and that is riding strapless, pulling airs and smacking 100's of lips. Boards are insane.

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Re: Firewire Pivec models

Postby PeterP » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:45 am

I've had my 5'11 for 3 months and ridden it a fair bit - I always ride strapped (85kegs)

No stress marks whatsoever as yet - but with all things good at this weight you will have to expect deteriation over time - keep an eye on it and repair if it ever gets to that point.

If you are only riding strapped - put on some pads - that alleviates a bit of the strain

Who wants a waveboard for 8 years anyways?

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