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2010 Evo - 3 month review

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2010 Evo - 3 month review

Postby marshall10488 » Sun May 23, 2010 3:07 pm

Flying characteristics - when i first flew the 9m Evo i was not impressed at all it seemed that everything that was good about the 2009 9m had ben removed and nothing added but after a few more tries realised it was just not being used to how the kite flys. Turing speed is fast if fractionally unresponsive to start with but still good. loops are better then last year, it has more grunt in the loop. speed throught he air has increased, i think due to the slight increase in AR (least i think it has increased. the kites fit in the back of the van easier then the 2009s lol). nice pop and a great all round kite. i have no problems at all with how the kite flys. also the 12m is much bette and flys much more like the 9m then last years 12m did with its 9m friend the only problem is build quality.
Build quality - shocking!
1. when the kite is crashed hard the valve stopper pops out which is not a problem appart from unlike last year where the stopper was integrated to a thin piuece of webbing to stop it flying away this year, since they have doubled over the velcro it only goes through a hole in the velcro strap which breaks very easily so that the stopper can fly off when it pops out.
2. strut zips dont fit together so they rip open when the struts are inflated.
3. stiching on the LE right at the middle tends to have been missed in a couple places
4. 12m bag is too small to fit the kite in with the struts inflated

Bar. amazing, i love it. the new iron heart system is fantastic after having my hand ripped open realseing someone elses for them a few years ago the new reverse locking pin is a break through and i think the best system available. the suicide/safety leasing system integrating the chicken loop to allow you to ride suicide but still have a safety system is great. grip is nice and comfortable

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Re: 2010 Evo - 3 month review

Postby MFG » Mon May 24, 2010 5:44 am

Strange review... we did not have the same comments from the riders in our spot. Actually, this year after 6 months of riding 2010 gear, the dealer is sold out.

Our spot is AVERAGE 25 knots and makes its way to the 35 knots on most days.

Non of the leading edges had a pop, a valve open etc...
Non of the guys cut their hands b/c of the bar.
A C company rider got the EVO 10 and came back with a big smile, I gonna tock to North.
A female with an S company old kite, got EVO 9 and 6m and she has a wide smile on her face since January.
A rider with an N company old kite lost his old LE in two pieces and he is on Vegas 9 and EVO 7 and swares with the performance and quality although he is a hardcore unhooked most of riding.
A rider with an N company strange shaped old kite got an EVO 9 and came back yesterday saying, man this kite doesn't fall down when you messa jump. It stays up and the wind carries it forward.
A hardcore waverider that changed from an R company old kite into EVO 9 sold all hole quiver and bought another 6.

Our input from the riders. North rocks......


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Re: 2010 Evo - 3 month review

Postby RDM » Mon May 31, 2010 3:34 pm

Had a brief go on my friends 2010 12m Evo the other day (flown on the 5th E)... it turns fast but unfortunatly the kite doesn`t hold much power in the turn, well not as much as the 09 kite did.. Bar pressure was very light, bit too light for my taste..

In all honesty it felt alot like the 2010 Rebel..... :(

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