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Lets start some controversy... he he he

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Re: Lets start some controversy... he he he

Postby diablo943 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:27 am

Here is the currently proposed Mission Statement for the North American Snowkite Tour:

The North American Snowkite Tour seeks to provide a competitive series of connected snowkite events across the US and Canada. Through competition we work to introduce new people to the sport, improve the skills of kiters and push the sport.

The North American Snowkite Tour (NAST) is currently being organized by an inclusive group of volunteers; event organizers, enthusiasts, sponsored kiters, and industry players. Anyone interested in participating in the organization is invited to sign up on the forum that we are using as our central hub. There is a lot to do!

Although the formal structure of the organization is still to be ironed out, it will most likely going to be a non-profit organization controlled by a board of directors comprised of members who invest their efforts building and running the organization.

We would like to include all interested snowkite events in the Tour. There will be advantages to being part of the NAST including access to significant sponsorship dollars, national media coverage, well organized competitions and more. We are working on the details and are open to ideas and suggestions.

There will also be some obligations that come with being part of the Tour including maintaining a set of competition standards, including Tour marketing and information in individual event marketing and contributing your efforts to help organize and run the NAST. Again. We are developing what it means to be part of the NAST and welcome your ideas.

We want each event organizer to have the flexibility to structure their event to suit their event history, their weather conditions and their terrain. We want each event to maintain and grow their own character. Remember we are comprised of event organizers.

We are currently structuring the NAST to be separate from any efforts to organize an American Snowkite Association.

The American Snowkite Association is also under active development. We are working hard to identify how an organization can help grow the sport of snowkiting. There are so many things that aren't getting done in snowkiting and there are many of us who feel that there needs to be a group to help guide the sport through this early growth phase.

Again. The American Snowkite Association (ASA) is being organized by a group of volunteers in hopes of bettering the sport we love. If you want more out of your sport than you are currently getting, please consider joining us in this effort.

We welcome any and all interested parties. We welcome all snowkite event organizers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly or speak up on the forum.


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Re: Lets start some controversy... he he he

Postby Airinsails » Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:34 am

So here's the scoop on the American Snowkite Association.

Are we trying to rename existing events the ASA Snowkite Masters? No, existing events should worked hard to build their branding and should keep their name.
Are we trying to be greedy and charge money for existing events to be on the tour? No (were actually trying to offer existing events more money and support to put on the best show possible)
Are we trying unite all of the snowkiters in America and take our sport to a more professional level? Absolutely.

The ASA is simply an association looking out for the good of our sport and for all voices to be heard. It's a way we can all work together to form a schedule of events across America and get more people out there. Its a way to inform people about locations, schools, insurance, etc.

We just formed and if you haven't been in on the conversation, its because we are just getting started and we encourage anyone who is passionate about snowkiting to speak up.

Many of us have been talking for years about forming a tour that flows from one event to the next and that is what we are trying to provide, a legitimate tour that offers sponsors 5 times the exposure ( Sponsors can be involved with 5 events rather than just one). This allows us to seek outside industry sponsorship which results in offering event organizers more tools to run better events. Who wins? Everyone. With more money, we can build sliders, hire snowcats to build cool courses or kickers for freestyle, and whatever else the event organizer feels would add to their event.

When we formed the ASA and proposed a tour it was simply because we're all passionate about the sport and want to share the stoke with as many people possible. Its that simple.

Aaron Sales

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Re: Lets start some controversy... he he he

Postby bad monkey » Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:13 am

Hey Everybody,

Its nice to start thinking about the up coming winter and ripping some snow with everyone. I am feeling a big winter coming on and I am rarely wrong about these types of predictions. Traveling around the Northwest chasing wind and snow has been a passion for a few years and this is going to be a great winter.

Having been involved with the Montana Snowkite Rodeo for the past 4 years has been a lot of fun, and Joel and I have learned some lessons about promoting and pulling off a fun event. Keep in mind these are just my opinions.

First, snowkite events are a terrible place to introduce new people to the sport beyond them just observing. It is important to get people beyond the trainer kite with at least a little ride on day one to really set the hook. Snowkite events are not a good place to get your first ride for obvious reasons. If they just get to fly a trainer, they walk away feeling dejected. We have literally had 20 people people standing around in ski boots waiting for their turn to go snowkiting at a couple of our events. These folks are destined to be disappointed with what we can offer them in the event setting.

Secondly, snowkiting is a fringe sport that does not appeal to the majority of snowsport people. It is just to gnarly for many of your ski resort types and to frustrating due to the unreliable nature of the wind for many others. I have a couple of friends I have tried to introduce to the sport who are up for the gnar factor, and have even had some fun sessions, but after driving to an isolated destination only to be skunked, they are over it. The chair lift starts looking good to them again. Lets face it, to be a snowkiter, you have be willing to put up with planning, driving, investing your time off, and ultimately being disappointed by poor conditions including lack of wind, terrible snow conditions ect.. If you drive to the ski hill, you are going to get to ski even if it is crappy. I am over the idea of marketing kiting to the masses. There are just to many many obstacles. I find that if people really want to learn, they seek us out. These are the people I like to help introduce to the sport.

Thirdly, it is very frustrating to plan an event, put the time and effort and capital into making it happen, only to see everyone on the forums two days before the event speculating about forecasts and maybe going somewhere else. This is just an unfortunate truth about snowkiters. We all know how to predict the weather as well or better than the local forecasters, and when it doesn't look good, we bail and chase the wind. This is why the Rodeo now spans an entire week and is located in a central area where we can travel to many spots easily. This allows for a greater chance of avoiding the dreaded skunk. Some times the quick gatherings that happen due to forum chat are the best events of the year. Forecast looks great for the weekend, lets all meet at.......

Some of my most frustrating memories of the rodeo are those of trying to round everybody up just to have a riders meeting or get them to the right place at the right time to compete int their event. When the wind starts to blow everyone disappears. It occurred to me that the people who traveled to the rodeo did not seem interested in competing, they just wanted to ride and see all that Montana had to offer. They were not interested in standing around waiting for their turn, and who can blame them. We are free spirits by nature. When the wind blows its time to go kite. This is why we changed the format of the rodeo and abandoned the idea of competition. It seemed that those who came last year had a really good time and enjoyed the kiting and exploring. I don't think anyone missed the competition. Granted, soaking in a 106 degree pool of water at the end of the day does take the edge off.

Lastly, I'm not sure I really want to grow the sport anyway. I have given up on the idea that any retail kiting business venture will ever pay the bills. There is not enough margin in the products and there are to many parties trying to get a piece. To many people have the bro hook up deal, ect. This is all fine and good with me. Our business allows us to keep a giant quiver of kites to demo, pays for a couple of trips a year, allows us to put on the rodeo and introduces us to cool people. My new rule is I only teach people and sell gear to people I like and want to hang out with. I never want to go to a kite spot and see some tool there that I introduced to the sport. I want to help grow the sport very slowly and responsibly. I don't want mass media coverage because this will only attract the masses. I want to keep it for my self and all the great people out their already snowkiting for a few more years. Some day we will all regret promoting and exposing kiting to the greater world. Look at the Bend Oregon example. I'm sure those guys would take back the event that started the wilderness issues. Lets just not rush it. Promotion may lead to destruction rather than this concept of growth people always talk about. Growth is quite possibly over rated.

However, I think it is fine if people want to organize and promote competitions across the country. I wish you all success. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out. For those of you who are still just interested in kiting, exploring and hanging out in a hot pool for a week, we'll see you at the Rodeo. Oh, by the way, as always the Rodeo will be free of charge again this year. Hope to see you there or somewhere else this winter.

Just my 3 cents


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Re: Lets start some controversy... he he he

Postby Windgumby » Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:10 pm

bad monkey wrote:I'm not sure I really want to grow the sport anyway. Growth is quite possibly over rated.

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Re: Lets start some controversy... he he he

Postby snowkiter3 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:44 pm

The growth of snowkiting is inevitable......

It is up to all of us to cooperate with each other to see the sport develop into something we can be proud of. The key here is COOPERATION(this will only enhance the enjoyment by all). Why start controversy on kiteforum when we can work together and discuss the growth responsibly through ASA?? I guess its because we don't have enough snow to get our fix yet.

I personally would love to see more done on the freestyle side of the sport at events/competitions and this is what I voiced(on ASA forum)from past experiences. I know not everyone will want kickers, rails, and quarterpipes but I personally dream of snowkiting terrain parks filled with natural terrain and huge man made features. I will always be on the side of healthy competition. I love it and seek it out. This is why I am glad there are people willing to volunteer there time to help with organization and growth on the competition side.

Sure the outcomes of competitions will be important to the athletes that feel the need to push themselves against others for comparison, but this will always take a backseat to the sheer pleasure and camaraderie of everyone else's personal involvement. Whether that is going shot for shot with Motz late night, skipping the races to go shred some untouched cornices, or throwing down your best trick in a comp. Its all about having fun and keeping your freedom alive. From what I can tell the NAST is helping competitors stay motivated to push the sport in a progressive way on a few weekends here and there. This is simply something to look forward to imho and I plan to attend as many events as I can with a good attitude to compete and party.


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Re: Lets start some controversy... he he he

Postby sq225917 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:52 pm

Toby wrote:ASA are my friends too, and I am also on their pay list! gotta love capitalism!

How do you sleep at night?


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