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Maui or Moks for May?

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Maui or Moks for May?

Postby noldude » Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:23 am

I am going to Hawaii in May for a week and want wind+waves. Would Oahu or Maui have a better chance of wind for May?

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Re: Maui or Moks for May?

Postby ToastSYN » Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:41 am

You'll most likely get wind on Maui that time of year. For Maui you only would need to bring a 6-10m. I won't comment on Oahu since I'm not familiar enough but I'm sure someone from Oahu will share the details for there. Our surf for Maui is pretty much over for the North Shore. All we have then is windswell mostly and its not that great. Not sure what your looking for on your trip so its hard to just tell you which one would be a good choice. Both are Beautiful places with tons of other stuff to do besides kite.


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Re: Maui or Moks for May?

Postby longwhitecloud » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:50 am

i love hawaii. Decent waves might be a bit sketchy that time of year as winter swells fade away, but usually still something small around to hit the face of out on the reefs, and then sometimes good swells do turn up... if u want almost guaranteed wind - maui (windier than oahu) . mokes on oahu is worth a session if you don't mind rights - usually windier at mokes than anywhere else on oahu .

if u surf too, for me despite meeting so many awesome Hawaiian people - kiters and surfers, sometimes it was the most unfriendly line up i have ever experienced, i am kind of used to having a good friendly chat in the line up kiwi style so was pretty shocked and actually quite pissed off by the hostility. fortunately i had surfed the exact same southerly swell in nz (where it came from, a thanks would be nice) 2 days earlier! and some guy at mokes didnt really want to lend me his pump after i asked nicely - that would never happen in nz, more likely they would ask u if u had a place to stay and sort u out with a place to sleep for a few nights and want to share a 6 pack of cold beer over surf/kite stories! anyway enough of my ranting...

nzs winter is huge swells and high winds a 4/3mm covers it- no booties and hood. some sick waves - not easy going tho!

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Re: Maui or Moks for May?

Postby FabsPH » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:51 pm

when you come to Hawaii, make sure to bring extra cash, or credit (card), so you can fly to and from Maui (Oahu). It's about $100 + board each way.
\And yes, the surfers in the lineup are jackasses. Some kiters at some spots act the same way. Like there is no other wave coming ever again. morons.

Wind, well,.. it's been hard to tell lately. Maui has more wind for sure but not as many kite spots as Oahu.
As I said, plan to travel between islands and save money for that. Will be worth it.
Coming for a week, I go for Maui.

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