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Seathroughboard - travelboard

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Seathroughboard - travelboard

Postby vindsportknut » Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:50 pm

On and other sites on internet is a reoccurring theme, irritation that kiteboards should be so expensive to get on the plane. A French Irishman has made a solution to the problem and has developed a board with a composite frame and polycarbonate glass (strong kind of “Plexiglas”). The board is easy to take apart so that a 140-board quickly becomes 2 times 70 cm and will fit in a suitcase. If you take off the pads the packaging becomes even easier. Putting the board together goes fast when you've done it once and understand how the parts will be assembled.

The big question then becomes, of course, if the board works on the water. The answer is obviously YES! But how it works is more a matter of what one likes and dislikes. On the minus side, one must immediately say that a transparent board is necessarily a little harder to find in the sea than a white or bright yellow board. But the frame is visible and is made in any color and the fins red and well visible. My bright yellow framed board is a lot easier to find in the waves than a cool black board with a flame pattern and devil drawing.

Polycarbonate is relatively soft and heavy, and provide very comfortable landing if you go in with back tip first. The rigid composite frame makes the board actually stiffer than a foam-filled board but not nearly as direct as a board with wood core.

For more old-school-style riding this board is pleasant. The board edges well and goes well in chop and waves. In choppy conditions it glides through okay and without much spraying, and you can look away from the water when planning your jumps. Are you hardcore wakestyler looking for pop and direct feeling you will probably prefer other boards, perhaps smaller and stiffer ones with smaller fins.

For us who find it fun to jump high and far and maybe take off the board in given situations, this is definitely a good board. There is good grip around the fins and around the frame. The frame provides additional grip options for difficult board offs. But when there's more sophisticated old-school. Sitting with a feeling that it is on the side of this board has its strength. It’s a bit heavy though.

The joint between the two board parts will leak riding one way. I have chosen to cover it with black plastic tape. The tape is clearly visible in the pictures. Moreover, the joint has a potential to hook up clothing and ropes. Tape is an ok solution, but not professional and not "stylish".

Summing up: A little outside the mainstream, travel friendly, old-school friendly and very pleasant to ride.

+ Good low wind and upwind performance
+ Travel-friendly
+ Oldschool-friendly
+ Smooth in choppy water
+ Rigid frame makes it possible to build up power for the high jump

- Floats deep and a little hard to find if you lose it, but not as difficult as I first believed
- A little "soft" edges for pop in the wake-style / new-school
- No "grab-handle"
- A little heavy


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Re: Seathroughboard - travelboard

Postby Toby » Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:17 pm

there are already some split boards on the market...use to search to find more info.

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Re: Seathroughboard - travelboard

Postby edt » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:33 pm

i would never ride a board that is even partially transparent. I lose way too many boards already and need some (non-ocean) color to spot it

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