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X3 20

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X3 20

Postby Toby » Thu Jun 26, 2003 8:18 am

from The Russian:

Yesterday I used my 20m X3 for the first time. The set up takes a little bit of getting used to with the knot/loop configuration to the line attachment points (to the kite), but the design will stop any muppet from getting the lines on the wrong way round (arguably if you're on an X3 you should know better).

As for the general set up, I found the wider nozzle connection (that goes over the top of the kite bladder valves) much quicker to inflate the kite & with a 20m is useful.

I used the kite in light/gusty wind of between 9-12knots & placed the bar bridle (on the back lines) at the middle knot & on the kite bridle (now at the front of the kite) at the longest knot/furthest from the kite (the X3 manual says this is the preferred light wind set up for heavy riders (such as a 95kg lard arse like me). I'll be chasing Mark S. for another interview soon & I'll get his comments on his set-up.

As soon as I launched the kite, I was surprised, as it feels smoother through the air, almost softer than the X2 and a bit quicker to turn. A noticeable difference to the kite is that the settings actually work, when compared to an X2. If you go out in light winds on what should be/is the light wind setting the kite flies well and you cant stall/oversheet the kite. The kite feels slightly more grunty than the X2, it seems that it doesnt need so much diving of the kite to get you on the plane (having said that I was doing loads of diving as the wind was sooo light). As mentioned before the kite seems to turn more smoothly than the X2 and feels even more "precise" in the air.

One quick tip (courtesy of Stu/Fatfish) is that on inflating the bladders (& this works on ALL Lei's) is to turn the strut with the non-return valves upside down before pulling out the pump/nozzle.... this allows the "ball" to seat in the valve so that when you pull out the nozzle from the valve no pressure is lost.... how easy/simple is that.

Need a nice 20knot breeze to really get going on the 20m X2 and I'm interested to check out Mr Shinn's comments that the kite is good for 25knots..... gonna get high high high

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