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Airush Slayer (New), Sector V4 and Monaro V5

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Re: Airush Slayer (New), Sector V4 and Monaro V5

Postby Kamikuza » Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:39 pm

Slayer is a challenger for the Nugget?

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Re: Airush Slayer (New), Sector V4 and Monaro V5

Postby Schmidy » Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:40 pm

Kamikuza wrote:Slayer is a challenger for the Nugget?
Hi Kamikuza,

If you went size by size comparison you would definitely come to the conclusion that this would compare but in reality it is completely different.

I believe the Slayer is in its own class to be honest. Influenced by Sector fans that wanted a bit more strapless capabilities when riding Airush started to develop a board that would appeal to them most. These riders are not blessed with Waves but instead riding in extremely flatwater or with some chop like in Bays or Lakes. So the idea of a strapless board that had attributes of the Sector and parts of the Cypher wave board were blended together to get something we consider in the middle as a Strapless (comes with footstaps though), flatwater, lightwind board.

Think...Freestyle boards in Windsurfing. The Slayer has flatter rocker and thicker cord fins for quicker planning surface - a kick tail to reduce catching when sliding backwards plus some added bottom shapping like strakes for better turning and double stepped bottom for more even balance while riding a board this size strapless.

Schmidy :thumb:

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Re: Airush Slayer (New), Sector V4 and Monaro V5

Postby MikeBirt » Wed May 01, 2013 8:54 am

Schmidy wrote:I believe the Slayer is in its own class to be honest.
I had my first session on the Slayer 60 last night, having previously ridden the 54 a week or so ago..
For those of you that have sectors already, I urge you to have a think about / demo the Slayers too. I was extremely impressed by the 60 Slayer. It's very different to the Sector, but for those of you who are more manoeuvre oriented than race oriented, it's the holy grail... Had a beautiful session last night.

Wrote a few words up here ... 8&start=15
- the light wind capability / practicality of it really surprised me
- the comfort and balance is exceptional
- it's ability to go round corners
- just how easy it is to ride.. really easy!

It just felt RIGHT... and there was no way I could have enjoyed last night's session without it. Not a question of "it's capable of doing it", more surprise at how well it did the job, and how much fun it was in the process..
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Re: Airush Slayer (New), Sector V4 and Monaro V5

Postby ice » Thu May 09, 2013 1:29 am

Slightly off topic but seeking Mikes advice

I have a Sector V3 60.

I have recently bought a single fin for the rear position but the shop gave me the V4 version (240mm).

So I have a 240mm rear single fin instead of 220mm (recommended for V3). The front fins are 240mm.

Mike, will this work or should I get the 220m?

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