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Big Air Is Back - Red Bull King Of The Air

Lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.
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Big Air Is Back - Red Bull King Of The Air

Postby RickI » Wed May 15, 2013 4:45 pm

RickI wrote:As if it ever went away. Anyway ...


John Glais has a dream, he wants to compete in the NEW Red Bull King of the Air contest to be held in South Africa in February 2013. To that end he has been training hard in nuclear wind and wave conditions in his home waters off Brittany, France.

Producing jumps like ...

A boost John threw in a storm on December 27, 2012 off St. Malo, FR. This jump is about 17 to 20 m (roughly 55 to 66 ft.), high in 30 to 45 knots+. He was riding a Cabrinha 7 m Chaos kite.
Photo: Isabelle Borde

St. Malo in Brittany has a long history of sailors going down to sea, John joins that lot with a new twist.

St. Malo in pre-kiting days

John is sponsored by Cabrinha and KiteAddict and likes to fly a 7 m Chaos kite in prime jumping conditions. He described his favorite winds to be 40 kts with nice 1 to 2 m swells or kickers" to boost huge jumps off of. He likes the Chaos for these extreme jumps for the excellent lift the kite produces and speed. I asked if it was too fast as smaller kites can be at times? He said, no, but fast enough to be able to counter over-rotations and other problems at altitude including throwing some kite loops in to stabilize landings when needed. John also loves to ride Cab Switchblades but for this extreme service in high wind for mega jumps, prefers the Chaos. He started seven years ago and says he likes to ride "old school" style. This includes big airs, board offs and related moves John trained as a kitesurfing instructor through the FFVL and earned a five year degree in Sports Instruction at University. John currently teaches sports in St. Malo. He intends to open a kiting school in Brittany instructing kitesurfing, air style, wake style, race, waves kiting, etc.. . You can find him on Facebook under John Johnn.

The mood of the sea on December 27, off St. Malo.

Applicants to the South African King of the Air contest are to submit a video as a part of the selection process. Here is John's excellent clip on

The video title pretty much tells the tale, so how about it Red Bull?
This great video was put together by JP.PROD. You can see more of his videos on Facebook under JP PROD



p.s. - the occasional downside of going big is slamming down very, HARD. Going up can be easier or less painful at any rate than coming back to the surface at times. Also, high sustained wind in a days long strong storm is not the same as violent conditions in hazardous squalls where the wind can go to lethal levels in seconds. Have a care and kite within your abilities.

FKA, Inc.

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Rick Iossi

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