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How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Forum for kitesurfers
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How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby Wiski23 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:16 am

Hi just took up kiteboarding in March, after 5years of wakeboarding & like the rest of you am totally addicted now.
Since March (9months) I've prolly kited 90 times. My progression seems to be coming along how id like. I not stuck at that dreaded standstill of tricks "yet"...

So was just looking for some feedback as to how long some of you peeps have been riding & what tricks or what you're kiting sessions involve.
I understand a lot of you injoy just riding backwards & forwards, which is cool too :thumb:

Cheers wiski :cool2:

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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby SupaEZ » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:02 pm

Will be 15 years next February
I am at the level of having maximum fun riding surfboard in waves and doing lots of tricks
Great year so far at the beach with 230 days out (keeping track on kitchen calendar pen to paper)
I am not a peep anymore....but love to inspire and encourage them
Prior 2 that 22 years windsurfing
Prior 2 that 11 years sailing / racing
Stay safe my fellow kiter so you can have a long healthy life enjoying the wind

:cheers: :pump: :surf: :sun:

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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby Bille » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:20 pm

Bin riding about 9 years now ; My best trick is : in all that time
i never done a Face-plant in the beach-sand ; second best trick
is a double back-roll on a surfboard.

I'm one of those guys that think just skipping over the water on a
board, while being pulled by a kite, is almost as Cool as life can get !!!

There's a few other sports i do that might be a bit More fun than kite
boarding , but the risk for bodily-injury is WAY out of proportion , for
that extra 1/10th gram of adrenaline i get doing them.


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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby Toby » Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:09 pm

Welcome in the "hooked" world! We all started like you ;-)

started in about 13.5 years by now.

Tricks? The forum software does not allow me that many words in one posting ;-)
Just get the Airstyle DVD ;-) And you will always have progression without standstill! :thumb:

Enjoy the sport and the people!

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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby windybrit » Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:51 pm

Since 2008...... and am not as good as I'd like to be, BUT its not worth getting stressed over.... I have more fun kiting that I ever imagined existed. To get "good" at this sport you need to have a decent combination of aptitude and opportunity, worrying that I can't manage a strapless blind handle pass 360 or whatever, is I think missing the point..... The sport takes me to a whole other place inside myself and makes me very happy. Perhaps 2014 will be the year I ascend a little from my current plateau, but even if I don't I'll still enjoy it.
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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby zloilyoha » Sun Dec 22, 2013 5:03 pm

Since late 2007, free/wakestyle, kiteloops, rides probably like a pro :D

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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby Faxie » Sun Dec 22, 2013 5:19 pm

End may 2011, so thats 2,5 years. I keep on riding during Winter so my sessions are all year round.

Level at the moment is raileys, learning the S-bend and surface passes, downloop frontrolls (transition), bouble backrolls, kiteloop (handplant) backroll, still trying to land a decent darkslide, just starting with kiteloops (mostly pussyloops, but some decent ones already). Stuff like that.

What Windybrit said: It's a combination of aptitude and opportunity. And I would like to add guts and the ability to absorp crashes to that list. Because it's always scary to try new stuff, and you will sometimes fail the first couple of times.

And even though I'm riding for just 2,5 years, it feels al lot longer than that for myself.

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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby plummet » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:13 pm

9 years. I love speed, airtime, waves, adventure, storm sessions. I'm not a trickster. So as far as tricks go my level is very low. As far as kite control and riding extreme conditions I would have to blow my own trumpet and say its pretty high. I love extreme conditions. nothing gets your adrenaline blasting like a storm session 30+ knots and 5 meter swell!.

Also I'm not limited to the water with my kiting addiction. I ride kite buggies over sand dunes and do long runs down remote coast lines. Really enjoy a boulder jumping session on my landboard and carving a longboard skateboard powered by a kite is a very sublime thing.

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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby Hawaiis » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:29 pm

Since July 2011, I have progressed from twin tip to surfboard to hydrofoil. Now I am totally into hydrofoil.

pj sofine
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Re: How long have you been Kiting & what level are you at

Postby pj sofine » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:25 pm

13 yrs now. I ride like a pro will ride in 30 yrs. :gent: I've forgotten more tricks than I can remember!( probably dementia) Currently fixated with kiteloops, every possible position, height, speed and timing. If I die doing a big loop at least I'll have had a smile on my face. :cheers:

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