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Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

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Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby flysurfing » Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:58 am

Hello All,

I am looking for a wetsuit that could work in water like 8/9 celcius degrees and be also suitable for summer with water around 18 degrees and air 25 degrees....

I was looking at dry suit but they are a bit too constraining and you can't swim with them very well if needed...

I checked those wetsuit :

O'neill pyrotech 5/3
ION Onyx Semidry 5/4 DL 2015
NP Mission Front Zip 5/4/3

Seems like the O'neill is the strongest one as after checking some forum i can read that the Ion and NP neoprene is not as strong as the O'neill.

However in the other hand, the ION feature kitesurf friendly like drain hole etc...

I'd like to have your opinion which wetsuit do you use and which wetsuit do you recommend ?


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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby randycasburn » Sat Dec 20, 2014 3:51 pm

You should consider the NP Elite. I can confirm that the other NP neoprene suits (other than the Elite) will _not_ hold up to abuse. I ripped my NP Zealot (5/4/3 semi-dry), I think it is the Eclipse now, to shreds (with fingernails, board fins, over stretching, etc). I loved the suit as it was very cozy warm and very flexible - but I mistreated it. I think all of the soft-neo suits will rip and tear if abused though.
flysurfing wrote:I was looking at dry suit but they are a bit too constraining and you can't swim with them very well if needed...
Is this from personal experience or speculation? My personal experience, albeit quite minimal, is my dry suit is LESS constraining. I've not found swimming to be necessary as I'm attached to a kite. So body dragging is the question and has been simple and just as easy as in any wetsuit I've worn.

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby TommyDuotone » Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:33 pm

I currently own the Ripcurl E-bomb in 3/2 and 4/3 and absolutely love them for free surf. By far the most flexible suits I have ever owned due to the ultra-stretchy material. I did use the 4/3 to kite with a few times and noticed a little premature wear on the stitching where the harness rubs on my belly. Not an issue when I use them to surf. Also, due to the snug fit on the ankles, it fills with water quickly. I have also had tons of O'niels over the last 30 years and have never been disappointed with the quality or wear. I did purchase an Ion wetsuit back in 2010 as recommended by our North dealer. I really appreciated the extra padding on the shins and the drain holes in the ankles. However, that was the worst quality suit I have ever owned. I take very good care of my gear(rinse)and the bottom part of the legs starting ripping like paper only after a few months. Maybe they have improved the quality since then. The wetsuits I have been using lately for kiting are the one's I can get on sale($100-150). I have found that kiting thrashes your wetsuits more than surfing does. And, flexibility is not as important since you don't have to paddle. Check "KitePaddleSurf" and "Whiskey Militia" They are always having sales of 50% off on pretty descent wetsuits. Got lucky on Black Friday and scored a Quicksilver Ignite 3/4 for $99( reg $250) at our local surf shop. If I thrash it in a year or so, no big deal.
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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby jeromeL » Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:39 pm

I am happy with my Np mission front zip. It does not have the fancy look of the elite or Eclipse but the price is right, neoprene is strong and has a fireline layer on the inside that keeps you really warm.
You might be too warm in 20 degree Celsius with a 5/4.
I have a 6/5/4 in which I start to sweat at 12 Celsius. Above that I wear a 3/2. Though I think i will get their mission back zip 4/3 once it gets warmer.
If it were me I would get a 4/3, it should cover the range you need it for. You can supplement it with a np hoodie when you hang out on the beach after session or take it on the water if you find 4/3 too light.

Np website says 4/3 range is 12 to 15 degree Celsius.

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby TomW » Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:28 pm

I think you temp range is too big. At 18c water and 25 air, id be in a short sleeved 2- 3mm wetsuit. A 2-3 mm shorty even. You can get cheap one.

At 8-9 c water and air, id go for a 3-5 or 4-5 semi dry wetsuit. 3-5 mm booties and 3 mm dry gloves, a hood of some sort adds a lot of comfort. If you think its cold get a 1mm short sleeved wetsuit top for reinforcement.

So with 1 mm top, 3mm short sleeved suit( alternative a shorty), 3-5 full suit, hood, booties, gloves. You are good to go from 28c air water, down to 7c air and water.
This is my inwater experience for 12 years kiting in these kind of conditions.

Drysuit will be too warm, expensive.

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby IanNJ » Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:30 pm

My wetsuit experience: i have owned Xcel, Oniel, hyperflex, NP and now I sell/use Mystic.

Overall: the more expensive suits feel softer and are more flexible. The 5/4 Majestic is an easy on and off... But is no more warmer then the 5/4 star. I think the the cheeper ones are more durable but the pricy ones are much more comfotable.

You cant go wrong with a 5/4 get a detachable hood and you will be golden. But two suits is really the way i think...

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby paxs » Mon May 13, 2019 10:41 am

For sure take NP RECON model ! Amazing wetsuit models 2018/2019 . Stretch, amazing comfort & quality & Yamamoto neopren -
Yamamoto limestone Neoprene is a more sustainable alternative to classic petroleum based neoprene, as it reduces the energy input needed to produce it. It also is much more stretchy than standard neoprene, and more durable. It offers a hybrid technology - lightweight, fast drying thermal properties for superior insulation performance in and on the water. At Neilpryde we use limestone neoprene as a standard for our full wetsuit range.)

I bought here & free shipping too...Also they have great customer support if you are new in sport and help you choose price & performance wetsuit.

Hope you get some more info and tips :=

So if you are looking for highend wetsuit & comfort = NP Recon & Mission

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby tomtom » Mon May 13, 2019 12:47 pm

whatever wetsuit but never ever front entry BS. Im big guy and need Harry Houdini skills to get in and out

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby Da Yoda » Mon May 13, 2019 7:12 pm

flysurfing wrote:
Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:58 am
I'd like to have your opinion which wetsuit do you use and which wetsuit do you recommend ?
My go to response every time someone posts about "best wetsuit can I get?"...

There's only one answer... THE ONE THAT FITS!
Go try on as many wetsuits as you can. The "best" wetsuit will find you.

I'm currently using Ride Engine's wetsuits. I like their fit (for me) and they use a eco friendly limestone neoprene and the face fabric is not treated. I also like that they are kite specific, so seams are oriented smarter and have features like drain holes and ankle strap attachment option. ... gine-suit/

Btw, most (if not all) of the brands that you're considering are made in the same factory along with many others. Wetsuit quality is "splitting hairs" within the same price points imo. ... e9be6e3d40

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Re: Best Wetsuit : O'neill pyrotech ?

Postby alexeyga » Tue May 14, 2019 2:19 am

I'm with stupids who said:
1)your temperature range is too wide.
There's no steamer on the market today which would cover this kind of temperatures, whatever you will get - will be a compromise - either a tad too cold - or waaaay toooo warm. I started with a single suit - but with experience it came down to owning 2, a really thick - cold season one and a lighter one for chilly weather. If it's warm enough - I'd rather ride in a lycra and shorts - no suit beats that.

2)there no such thing as "the best" wetsuit, actually nothing is "the best" - but there are things which suit you better than others.

3)I still maintain that front-entry is for skinny shnores with no shoulders. Otherwise - if you've got any meat on your back and shoulders - you won't be able to remove it by yourself. Had to learn that lesson the hard way - only did cost me a new zipper.

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